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Smile Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon Ladies! How is everyone doing? Good? Well i am happy to say that i completed day one on my couch to 5k journey. And it was kinda hard...mostly just get back into running, its been so long. But i did it, plus i did Taebo

Cara: Not much here just trying to get back on track.....its been hard though...i have wanted to break my diet so much since i have started but i just sticked to it......and hopefully i will continue, that way i can make my goal by New Years Day!

Cynthia: Have fun with your new house! I am so happy for you and your family!! I personally don't have any holiday plans....actually i am celebrating Christmas on the day after Christmas because see my son Cameron is biologically not mine so he is going to his "real" mothers house and we will get him back late Christmas Day...and we really want to see there faces when they walk into the room and see all the presents. Its really hard during the holidays. But i guess there is nothing we can do...oh well atleast he is still young, and he still believes in Santa so we willl just tell him that Santa is coming to our house on Sunday night.....hopefully it works......

Chris: I totally no what you are going little boy is 3 years old....and i am having such a hard time with him listening to me, sometimes i debate calling Nanny 911. Its so hard being consistant........just stick with it....TRUST me i know its hard.......

Julie: Don't stress not working out, you can take a day off or two i don't think it will hurt.....don't give up.

Ashley: to our Group. I really hope you find the support you are looking for here, and i think you will, these ladies are a GREAT bunch of supporters!! Good luck with your goals, and congrats on the wieght lost so far!!

Well ladies i am going to jump off here i will chat with you all later! Have a great night!!


Eat Healthier!!!
Drink atleast 64oz water daily try for 128oz daily
Excercise atleast 4 days a week try for 6 days a week
Stay on PLAN!!
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