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Before I get way-layed into some nonsense about me let me get personal-

Mouse- for a short story about postpartum stuff......when I was pg with Ds- we attended a lamaze refresher with another couple - who ended up delivering almost the same day as Ds was hatched.......yes said hatched.....
anyway. This was her 3rd baby or something like that. I remembered wanting to crawl (Ds was almost 9# and all head!) across the hall to visit her- remember we had spent about 5 evenings together in a course- and was told by the nurses that she was not seeing anyone.....not for the whole week.....she ended up needing a Csection and was NOT at all handling it well.
So, it is with that in mind that I think of your friend. You have done all you can, my friend.....she will just have to deal with this when she is ready. Hope the Friday storm does not impact you snow wise......I know your area does not do snow well.

Robyn- code red withdrawal eh?????? Hey- rant, rave, whine........cause when you are doing that here, you are not snacking or stress eating, right????
(I for one find your ranting refreshing, it reminds me of me!hehehehe)

Dawn- well, I have not a clue what to do with the ADHD child. I have had to deal with them on the bus and know that is no picnic, and what I would resort to at work you can't do. (I have tried to pair an ADHD student with another more mature student who is willing to assist keeping the other from self destructing...poor way of putting it....but that is the gist of it) Congrats on the 3# loss.....any particular program you are following??

Got to WW today. Up 0.4, but last week it was 55 and I was in my workout clothes, today it was 19 and I was dressed like nanuck of the scale here tells me I am down, so I will see it next week. I did something totally STUPID.....Robyn will appreciate this. Our meeting has a travelling tracker......noone volunteered to take it this week, so me the do-do head did.
Okay, it will keep me painfully honest, and I do really want to see a loss next week.......gosh am I a moron or what...... (Robyn, ok to answer that honestly...... ). So I am nuts. But then you all knew that.
Got a busy nite. Got a 3.2 mile walk in this am. 4:45 am start to do so.....and I have to accompany the choir tonite at their practice......bring out the toothpicks, I will need them.
I have blabbered enough......... See ya tomorrow!Hey, Pam, Sue, Kerry, Fran- who else did I miss......we miss you (or I am scaring everyone away ).
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