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Cynthia-New house? That is awesome. We've only been in ours for 2 yrs now. It's not new but its big and that's what counts when you got little people running all over the place. Is this your first house?

Okay ladies. I feel a bit better about today. I got some sleep and Nicole is acting a ton better today. THank God! I have another headache and am dizzy again. My head is all stuffed up and my sinuses ache but I'm trying not to take any sinus meds until tonight, or I'll be snoozing on the couch and Nicole will be a queen for the day doing whateve she wanted. (psst...not a good plan).

Christmas traditions? My world is full of chaos for the holidays. I have my dad to visit, my family, and my husband's family. IT's hard to get everyone crammed in so that they don't get their feelings hurt but it is soo hard each year. Christmas Eve, we spend at my Dad's house. Christmas Day is the hustle time. My family always wants to see my oldest daughter early, but this year I'm not rushing myself. I'm going to take care of my family at home, then get my oldest daughter to her dad's house for the rest of the day. After we drop her off, we're going to eat dinner with my husband's family. Well, we'll probably have to go get his sister. She just had major foot surgery (she's diabetic and had part of her foot removed). Later in the evening, we can visit my family. I do get an extra task this year. I also am taking my brother and SIL to the airport on Christmas so they can fly down to Arizona to be with my SIL's family.

I wish I had a tradition to pass down to my kids, but the closet we come is that I buy my girls and my husband a new ornament each year for Christmas. My grandma did it for us when we were growing up and by the time we all left the house, we had ornaments for our own Christmas Tree.


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