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Shannon - Sinterklaas is the holy bishop of Myra (turkey) who lives in spain in a castle with moorish servants, all called zwarte piet (black peter). Every year he aarrives with the steamboat from spain and he travels on his white horse over the rooftops with his servants to put presents in good childrens shoes. On his birthday, december 5th, he brings present to all the good children, and the bad children go in a big bag and are taken away when he travels back to spain. Sinterklaas is a big thing in the netherlands and I believe in Flanders. The arrival of sinterklaas is live on television every year, and the day after his birthday most schools are closed so the chiildren can play with their presents. Incidentally, if you translate the name, you get something like "saint klaas" where "klaas" is the dutch version of the german "klaus".

That said, I'm in for a quiet morning. Working at home, avoiding most criseses. Now I'm practicing the meditation CDs more I notice that i do have a continuous undercurrent of thoughts, mostly about the XH situation. So I think the meditation stuff is really helping! i did the body scan yesterday, so today I'll do the "sitting" or maybe the yoga.

Silverbirch - absolutely brilliant idea to go for the glamourfund!!!! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!!. I see peanutbutter jars, moneyboxes and the like sprouting out everywhere.

Have a great day all,
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