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Ok Dawn... Did you hear me ROTFLOL? (Can I count the rolling as exercise?) I was trying to think of what I would do for a snack of trail mix! Ummmmm ......"NOTHING" is the only thing I can come up with! Hanging a raisin under my nose would do nothing more than make me giggle like a fool! (Sorry... I applaud, I think, your schools efforts.... but trail mix doesn't cut it for a bunch of elementary kids... at least the kids that I know! For the record, I don't use food much as a motivator. BUT...when I do .... I make it worth their efforts! Last year I actually shared my baby carrots with my class on a rather regular basis... long story... I didn't use them as any sort of reward.... they would eat ALL that I allowed them to eat...DAILY! )

Your class sounds quite challenging! Why on earth so many siblings and related children? (For everyone but will want to ignore this paragraph cause it is when I start ranting about the stuff you all KNOW so well....yadda, yadda, whine, whine!) I also am the SpEd inclusion teacher for my gradelevel as well as the remediation teacher. My class this year *ONLY* numbers 13. (Got a new one last week!) HOWEVER, these 13 are THE lowest of the low, the most challenging of the hard to deal with kids. Each of these children were suggested to be retained in Kindergarten. The principal asked me to take this class as my prior 17 years of experience was in a very tough situation. I am sort of certain that it isn't the students that are causing most of my stress... I'm so overwhelmed by the pull out programs and other adults that I must deal with. ALL of my children are labeled "at-risk". They ALL go somewhere sometime during the day. There is 1 hour (not counting lunch!) where everyone is in the room all at the same time! I will begin piloting a new reading series on January 2nd....because THEY think that this is a great time of year to TOTALLY change things. I have no choice in this implementation date....and I was told that I would be pulled out of my room on Tuesday (write sub plans) so that I can be trained. 5 days prior to the Winter Break... yeah, those will be easy to write (NOT) and wonderfully followed sub plans...NOT... I just erased a BUNCH of whining.... sorry. I'm so frustrated by this situation.

I did well with eating today! Altho I ate a school roll with my salad.......It was all emotional! Haven't had a diet code red since my last plea for help! BUT man do I *MISS* it!

Gotta run...didn't realize it was so late....
duh, huh?!

sorry to not get personal, Gin and Mousie....
take care
thanks for listening to me rant and rave!

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