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It seems like you have a wonderful group too. I teach 4th grade. I have tried the award charts for her. It is hard at out school because we have this thing where we can't give out candy, gum, etc. we have to give out healthful snacks like trail mix and granola bars. Needless to say the kids couldn't care less if they get some trail mix for behaving. I also have a treasure box but after awhile with some it loses it's appeal.

To make matters worse this is my first year of teaching. I have 28 kids with 4 sets of siblings, a set of cousin, 3 special ed kids, 9 kids in remedial math, and 7 kids in remedial reading AHHHH!

Everyday is crazy and very eventful. You would think with all of my problems I teach at a large school. Nope. I teach at a K-8 school of about 200 kids. Our town only has 5,000 people. It just so happens I picked the school district with the lowest economic class. That's what I get for following my husband.

It should get better though. I will be splitting my class after christmas. My room is too small for that many and we are literally shoulder to shoulder. I cannot separate their desks at all they have to be in groups. This is a problem since all they want to do is talk. But, 2 weeks and we will have Christmas break and after that I will only have 14. I'm so very excited.

My town is expecting snow tonight. I sure hope we get it. I could use a day to relax. I guess I'm going to clean some of my house now before I go to bed. Ughh! I hate cleaning. Talk to ya later.

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