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Evening everybody.

Ginny: Well, now I don't know. I sent her back an instant message about how utterly adorable he is (and he really is, and mind now, this comes from a person who really isn't into babies. I don't coo over them, although most of the time I manage to make polite conversation about them), and got no response at all. I don't know, I just don't know. I'm trying SO HARD and I feel like screaming. I really am going to be out of town the next 3 weekends: I'm in Philadelphia this weekend, next weekend I have my Maryland Council for Exceptional Children board meeting and the last night of swim lessons. I'm not going to drive back to Virginia from the meeting, I'm just going to stay up there... and then the following weekend is Christmas and Hanukkah (Hanukkah starts on Christmas Day at sundown this year). If I don't go to my mom's house that night, I'll go the day after because I said I'd hang around here in case we have fire calls. I'm the only Jewish member of the team, and Hanukkah isn't in the same class as other Jewish holidays. And, the weekend after that is New Years... I'm working at the gym in Baltimore! I'm sure she'll think I'm making excuses!
As for snow: We only had about an inch or 2... they really don't know what to do with snow around here. Some of the roads in the district I teach in are horrid, though... small, narrow, windy.
Dawn: Would a behavior chart or point sheet work for her? I forget what grade you said you teach. They sell these little charts with boxes for small stickers, and everytime she did what you wanted (start small!), she'd get a little sticker. As for mom, well... wish I could help you out there. I've got a crew of them this year. I usually do, but being a new employee in the district doesn't make it easier. I have one that does the same thing: his daughter has 21 UNEXCUSED absences since the start of school. She's been told by the attendance officer that she & dad will have to go to court if she doesn't attend school, and she needs doctor's notes whenever she's absent. She never brings them, and just today had in-school suspension because she left school without permission AND cut scheduled classes. She used her cell phone to get somebody to pick her up, lied to her art teacher and snuck out of the building. She didn't go out the front door, because she said she left around 1:45 or so, and my TA has hall duty at the front door at that time. Plus, they checked the cameras. And, she hates me now: because I made SURE she served her in-school suspension. She was trying to act like she forgot she had it. I feel so rotten, but I know I can't let her break the rules just so she'll like me!

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