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Hello LWL! My free day consisted of French food, being in Paris at the time! Bacon, toast, pain au chocolat, hot chocolate for breakfast, cheese baguette for lunch, then mixed grill with 1/2 portion of french fries. All in all didn't feel too bad! But the overnighter on the coach was a bust Since we had to get turfed off the coach to go on the ferry I woke up and was starving! Ate chocolate on the way there and biscuits on the way back! Sunday was ok, since we woke up at 3pm then there wasn't much time to eat!

The coach arrived at 7:30am, then we caught the RER train to Versailles, which was lovely, the castle is HUGE! Aboslutely HUMUNGOUS! I've never seen anything like it! Apparently, at the time 80% of France's money was spent building it! They like their opulence! I bought the first 2 Harry Potter books in french and a Christmas present for mum. Then we got the train back to Les Halles, which is a huge shopping centre - it got really busy and we were getting tired and narked off! Then we went to the two big department stores, Printemps and Galarie Lafayette, that was even busier than Les Halles! So we decided to go and find a little restaurant that we went to last time and we went to the L'Arc de Triomphe and walked down the Champs Elysee to find little restaurant. We found it, just after we thought we'd lost it! Then we were back on the coach! Got back to London at 4:15am, got home and went to bed till 3pm!

Apart from eating I finished all my Christmas shopping! And it's all wrapped, and I even bought myself a pretty dress for clubbing. Think Marilyn Monroe in the white dress, but it's more of a royal blue, with black lace trim. It shows off my curves (yes even my butt!) and looks fab!

Before we got the coach to Paris I managed to squeeze in some weights, so that was good, and this lunchtime I have done another (HUGE) run! I made it all the way through this time! I'm really pleased about that! I had to bully myself to not stop, but I'm glad I didn't! YAHOOOO!

Running has stolen my appetite, I was feeling a bit ill since I had 50g of Soya Nuts which were nice, but I think they've just not agreed with me. Hmmmm! So I will wait till I feel less barfy to have my tuna and egg fried rice (because that sounds barfy enough by itself! )

I'm vowing to keep up the running this week, since it's WI on Friday! I'm extra specially determined again! I need to buy more salad though!

I also have a problem with complusive eating, I'm reading a book called The Hungry Years about a guy who is a compulsive eater, he says that when you binge, it's just click. Like you can't control anything once the click has come on! But my mini-binge last weekend actually helped me a lot, it's given me a whole new mindset and I'm more determined than ever - again! Even after going to Paris and eating fatty french food, it's put me in a diet frame of mind! Maybe that's what the "free day" is all about!
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