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Default LWL #232 Dec 5 - 11

Good Morning LWL Actually it's snowy here, but I don't see a snowflake icon.

How was everybody's weekend? Kyk, how is the ankle? 2F, how did weekend food go? Rabbit, how did you fare?

I got in a good cardio session on Saturday, then gave myself a "munching" day. I long ago decided that "free day" was the worst idea ever invented for people like me who tend to compulsive eating, but I did it anyway. Maybe it will help me stop during the rest of the week. Sunday was back on track despite not being home most of the day and being offered bagels and cream cheese with lox, and a big box of chocolates!

Tonight is my ds's Holiday Chorus concert, with the usually buffet of sugar laden goodies afterwards. That won't be to hard to avoid, because I know if I get out early, I'll miss a HUGE traffic jam in the school parking lot!

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great Monday

Chest and cardio for me today.

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