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Default name is Robyn and I'm addicted to DietCodeRedMountainDew! If you've never tried it...DON'T! Stay away from the stuff, mannnnn! It will only bring you down! For real....this stuff is haunting me! If it is in the house, then I can hear it calling to me, "Drink ME!" If it is in the house, I can feel it pulling my hand to the box like some giant magnet...again it whispers, "Drink MEEE!" OMG. I can only imagine how a real drug is! my addiction IS out on the table... I think I've confessed this before... but every now and again... a new confession is good! My dh's answer to this addiction/obsession is...get THIS..what a man..... Don't buy any more! Well...DUH! Doesn't he know how those darn bottles and cans literally chant my name when I walk down THAT aisle at the store?! (Have you seen THAT Starbuck's commercial on TV? THAT is what happens to me!) Doesn't he know that usually I have to drag multiple 12 pack boxes of cans OUT of my shopping buggy and back on the shelves after they have thrown themselves in on their VERY own?! I've suggested that HE do the grocery shopping! That I'm sure that HE could pass by and not hear the chanting but alas... NOPE! He just DOESNT get my addiction OR the way those DCRed's attack and control me!

Thanks for listening to my confession...AND my warning! Stay away from Diet CodeRedMountainDew! Don't fall into this horrible trap! I'm planning on going cold turkey...once this can is empty.... and I'm planning on just drowning the MonkeyOnMyBack with water! And..I guess, the family will just NOT be having soda (or cookies) for a while since I can't go down THAT aisle! I've done this before....I can do it again!

Thanks for listening to my confession! I'm going to need your strength and encouragement to beat this addiction!

(For anyone who doesn't know me.... don't fret over the children that I teach daily....I'm only just a TAD crazy... and that TAD is what keeps me IN the classroom! )

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