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We just got done eating and wanted to pop-in and say hello before we head to KY to see Mom & Dad.

Dad didn't like the orthopedic doctor who the ER recommended so Mom made
an appointment with the doctor she used a few years ago here in Nashville. He went this morning. He found that his arm is not only broke but his elbow is CRUSHED! Surgery will be Tuesday morning. They will put a rod in it. He looks so bad, it's hard to describe. Bless his heart.

Wayne's thumb is really bothering him tonight. I think all the lifting he does at work has taken it's toll on it. He went back to work the next day after cutting it. Monday will be 14 days since he cut it. He'll have his stitches out then. Hopefully it will be healed by then.

When my life slows down I'll be able to post to everyone again.
Have a great weekend.

Love to all.....
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