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Sherry don't worry about not posting. I understand because I have been very busy here too. I know that when things settle down you will be back here everyday keeping us in line. My prayers are being said for your Dad. Fortunetly he will be ok. That is pretty scarey. Is Wayne able to work with his injured thumb? By the way reading your post I could tell you were very tired. I love the Christmas banner that you have welcoming us.

Shelley I am stuborn like you. I just need my exercise. I love it. I am trying to do exercise that keeps my heart rate lower.

Doni I hope that it works out with the extra money at christmas. I will pray for all your expenses to be covered. I was looking at your weight loss counter. Wow you have almost lost 50 pounds. You are doing awesome. Keep on losing.

Gayle are your finances looking better now that you are working? Are they managable now? I know that christmas must be tough. What is on little Allison's list this year? It is so much fun having a little one around for christmas. This is the first year that we don't have any of our kids living at home. It is sad but I haven't had much time to think about it. Can you imagine if that was you? We are the same age.

Suzy it is tough to lose weight at this time of year with all the extra treats and parties happenning. You are doing a great job.

Cheryl I can't believe that it is a year already. I bet it went fast for you. You sound so happy with the earrings. Your Prince knows you well. I am happy for you.

Time to answer my washing machine. I have alot to do before we leave saturday. Friday night we will be at a dinner and a christmas play called the living christmas tree. It is our friends from the aqua class at the Y. It should be fun.

Time to go. Love you all.
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