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Since I live in a very small town we only have 2 stores to buy groceries. Well 3 if you count Walmart but there is very little there honestly. I shop the flyers all the time, we don't have a paper with coupons in it so if I have a coupon it's from the manufactor that the store put out. The best thing I can do to save some money is looking closely at the price tags. They usually have how much it costs per 100ml, kg, or item. I find that a lot of times the bulk size is cheaper in the end even though it will boost my total at the register. Plus when comparing brands it makes things really easy to. I also take a calculator with me in case I can't see the per price or if it's for something like laundry soap, 1 tag can say per load others say per ml. I don't usually plan my meals for the week but after reading so many of you doing it, I'm going to be trying it out again.

Another way I save is buying my meat from the farm not the store. We will be getting a half cow this year and get everything from ground beef to tenderloin for $2/lb. A HUGE difference in price when you consider that it's usually about $10/lb or more for tenderloin and is still a deal for ground beef. At least where I live. I'm going to be looking into finding a chicken farm also since we go through a lot. Mainly breasts though so not sure if it's going to be a deal or not it we don't get the whole chicken.
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