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I had this surgery 11 years ago and at the time I felt I was making a good decision. While I did manage to lose 90 lbs it all came back...4 1/2 years after the inital surgery I had to go back in to have corrective surgery done. The staples used to resect my pouch became compromised and I developed some serious health issues. I also ended up with an abdominal hernia that had to be repair. Of course my story is the extreme side. Today I still suffer minor effects of the surgery. I never did get the desired outcome I was hoping for but I don't blame that on the surgery. I blame that on my thinking that surgery was going to fix it all. The truth of the matter is that losing weight, even with surgery as an aid, is hard work and requires commitement to a lifestyle change. The fact the my body could not hold massive quantities of food didn't change the emotional reasons why I was an over eater. Once I was able to recognize the behavior I was able to better control my triggers. Mind you I am still not where I'd like to be but I am better of physically than I was 11 years ago. The secret for me was my emotional health. JMO
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