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Hello, everyone! This seems like such a wonderful group! May I join you?

I just joined LA Weight Loss on November 26th. The center that I am attending is in Hamburg Pavilion, Lexington, KY. I have been so frustrated with my weight but the final straw was on Thanksgiving! DH and I when got on the scales that day and weight the same amount… I just about died! And then to make it even worse, I went to my lovely mother’s house who asked me if I had any Christmas parties to go to & I said yeah around the 15th – she said “Well, it looks like you’ve got just about three weeks to get all of that weight off!” PURE AGONY!!

So, I figured that I need a plan and to be held accountable for every morsel that I put in my mouth…and that’s what LA offers. I started on Sunday. Monday, I went and weighed in and lost 3.4 lbs. This morning, at home, I weighed and have lost probably 7 pounds (9 by my scale – but that is in the morning, in my birthday suit.) Is it just water? Even if it is it’s a start! I haven’t told anyone except for DH and another gal here at work I just want to silently drop the weight. When I lose 15 lbs, I plan on joining Jazzercise which I did a couple of years ago before the weight.

I believe that this type of support group can help me out! Like, I need to know alternatives to's only been 3 days and & I am already tired of them. I can't afford to buy the LITES, so I need help with that, too.
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