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Default Multiple Illnesses - need help

I have been struggling with my weight for the past six years trying to figure out why i gained so much weight so fast and why i have such a hard time losing it. I eat organic foods, mostly vegetarian, sometimes I have chicken or turkey, but I mostly eat fish. I only eat fast food maybe once or twice a month. I only have sweets once or twice a month, I pretty much eat healthy, but I can't seem to lose not one pound!

now, on top of being disagnosed with fibromyalgia, anemia, sciatic, dermatographia and GERD, now I've just been informed that I have fibroid tumors (3 of them), which explains my bloated stomach.

can someone please tell me how to lose weight with all of these problems.

is there anyone on here who has had multiple illnesses that has lost weight?

please tell me how you did it

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