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Good morning ladies~

The weather here is so nice, windy but nice. Supposed to get up to 64 today!

MARTI~how was your pumkin pie? Did it turn out good? I missed having pumkin pie Thursday but we will have it next Sunday. So did you and Jhanai buy anything good when you went shopping yesterday? I didn't plan on going but for some reason I was wishing I was out in the crowds. We too eat our Thanksgiving dinner at dinner time, about 6:00. I remember my mother always having it ready at noon but I never cared for cooking that early-she would get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to start the turkey. I have been doing it that way since my first marriage, and then having Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. Of course that evolved because of going to my parents on Christmas day.

SUE~sorry you were feeling depressed. I too was feeling it a little. I was standing in the kitchen and a song came on the radio and it got to me. Guess I was just wishing Josh was home. He always helped with the Christmas decorating and I know V missed him! Sounds like you and DH had a nice intimate dinner though and at least you talked to your kiddos.

ANGIE~I've seen the carnation stuff but never tried it. About the otameal...I buy the quaker 1 minute stuff (smaller flakes & never cared for the old-fashioned stuff) and use sweet-n-low or just plain sugar and a little bit of milk. Love oatmeal! Once in a while I get the raisin and spice instant stuff. Glad you are feeling better and eating solids now. Chicken pot pie sounds so yummy.

KATY~I was so afraid when I went for my first mammogram. EVERYONE talked about how bad it hurt and those cold metal things. Nothing like that at all. They have plastic where I go and the pain only last a few seconds, only when they flatten it like a pancake and then twist! It's the twisting that gets me! Hope you and hubby had a nice evening out. What movie did you guys see?

JANE~I never could get the hang of a laptop. Jason has one and loves it. It is nice as far as convenience though. Guess if I used one long enough it would grow on me. Glad you got one, I know how you loved the last one. Sounds like you guys had a nice Thanksgiving day.

MICHELLE~I think everyone forgets about their diets/programs on Thanksgiving & Christmas-just too much good food to pass up! I sent you a pm, hope you get it. I too thought my kids would live near me when they moved out...of course they haven't yet. Just my middle one (DS) who recently joined the ARMY. The oldest had planned to this past Sept. but then lost his job and decided to concentrate on school.

Hi to everyone else.

Well, I for one didn't overeat on Thanksgiving, but I am sure I will when we have our turkey dinner-well,maybe. I did cook dinner and a little more than I normally do but there were leftovers, which Jason & Vince managed to finish off last night. Took us or rather Vince, (I did help a little) all day to do the lights and such outside but it looks nice. Then I spent the whole day yesterday decorating the inside, man what a job. But it's done and we can sit back and enjoy. The Christmas decorations make the house look so nice and cozy and then after it's over the house looks empty. So today I am looking some stuff up online, need to see what the weather has been like and will be like in GA next week so I know what to wear. Of course I take extra clothes in case I change my mind. Then I am working on my Christmas letter. Was going to get my cards mailed early but want to wait for Josh so I can get some pictures to send. He hasn't been able to write because they had a week long camping thing that started last week, I think Thursday or Friday. So he wasn't going to write again. Anyway...I'm doing the letter and some laundry. V and Jason are working today so it's quiet around here.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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