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Help me out y'all!!!

Okay.. in most every *diet* plan I've read & studied, I have found out that it is important to eat breakfast & small meals throughout the day for many reasons... to jump start your metabolism, to make your body not think it's in starvation mode, etc.

However... here's my dilemma. Do I eat b-fast or even small meals or snacks throughout the day if I am NOT hungry? I can say that I can honestly go a day sometimes without feeling hunger. So, do I still eat something small? Or do I not eat? I'm not saying that I don't want to eat as a starvation thing... I'm not wanting to starve myself to lose weight... I am going to do this the healthy way. But I can honestly sometimes go without getting hungry.

The reason I ask is because I've just started reading a book that a friend gave me called "The Weigh Down Diet" by Gwen Shamblin. She says in that book that you shouldn't eat if you aren't hungry. Which makes sense to me. But I also see that you need to eat to keep the ol' bod thinking you aren't doing starvation.

What's your opinions?
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