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donna p
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Boy I miss a couple of days and I am so far behing.
Slavika - sorry about the cold. With the change of seasons they come. Chicken soup works good too and I know how to spell that.

Talking about Kareoke - we had an overnighter for ladies a few years back and one of them owned a small kareoke machine and brought it over. We drank wine, sang with the machine and hot tubed. It was fun.

Well I started going to drop in yoga twice a week and it is fun. My regular wednesday night starts up in a couple of weeks...and I did 20 min on the treadmill yesterday. Now that the weather is cool again it helps me want to exercise.

I found the material for the tableclothes at Walmart. They had lots of bright fall colours there. Do you have Walmart down your way. I think it is an american company.

I can't type much today - my carpal tunnel is killing me and my fingers keep going to sleep so I will try and get back later.

Hi to everyone...and have a good op day....

((((hugs to all)))) donna...

15.8+2= 17.8 #'s to go......