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Ok, so I am old and decrepit........Robyn will you forgive me?

Speaking of stuff, here I was envious of Pam's day off and thinking of taking one off myself.....then Dd got sick. I drove my am (she slept thru most of it) and my supervisor is swapping someones much shorter afternoon for mine- keeps me home longer with Dd, keeps me in town as she is sick and gets me out of my big yellow monster in time for her 4:30 Dr appt. Her throat sure looks "strepy" to me...... SPeaking of recipes, got to WW yesterday and Laura gave out Pumpkin Mousse......

1 box ff, sf vanilla instant pudding
15 oz can solid pack pumpkin
Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.....
2 tbs ff cool whip (bless the person who invented this stuff anyway!)

Prepare the pudding as the box directs with ff milk.
Fold in the pumpkin. Add cinnamon and nutmeg.
Chill. Spread ff cool whip over the top (at this point you can sprinkle on a wee bit more cinnamon as a garnish over the cool whip).

One member said she made it last year- her kids liked it better than pumpkin pie- not so strong tasting. She recommended putting the stuff in parfait glasses....just to jazz it up. Oh, the point value????? 1 point per cup!!!! I am going to try this as it makes an easy dessert that I can enjoy.

Sue- if it is any consolation, we had ice last nite and frost. Upstate they are dealing with snow, so I know us downstaters are due soon. I am so glad you had a good time Saturday nite. Heck with the one nite of overeating.......start afresh...go for an extra will burn it off!

Robyn- thanks for the recipes.....I am actually cruising for something to make for dinner now that I can do and have in the oven while I am taking Dd to the Dr tonite. SO glad you enjoyed my copier ( ) story- nope I can't go there either thinking of the janitorial staff laying on the XEROX machine......... Ok , I admit it- I am a old one at that..... Hope you get your redo in on the sleep my dear.....and if you can manage to pull that one off, well please let me know your secret!!!

Gotta go figure out what I am making for dinner......can't get to the store with Dd so I will have to deal with the chicken breast I have and let the finicky eaters bellyache! See ya!

(BTW, went down .8 yesterday)
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