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Suzanne has excellent advice as always! She described are exactly how I felt when I was just getting started -- not wanting to give up the food I love. Getting over that mental block was tough, but I actually find I ENJOY my food more now. I love apples! And yogurt (how had I forgotten that!) And, I do let myself have the snacks I love -- just MUCH more in moderation. I serve myself 1 serving of chips in a pretty bowl and enjoy every bite (instead of stuffing my face with the whole bag and barely tasting it). And many of the meals we make at home are just delicious! Much better tasting (and healthier) than ever before.

I do have a question, and it might sound harsh. If you aren't ready to make the changes, are you ready to lose the weight? I ask it because I have been there -- wanting desperately to lose but not willing to do what I needed to get there. I first had to realize that I WOULD have to make sacrifices to lose, but that the end result would be a healthier me (with all the benefits of being thinner), and that the tradeoff was worth it. And then, as I said, I realized that my fear of feeling deprived of the foods I love was not realized. Yes, I have given up the quantities of food, and in many ways the ease of the carefree. But it's been worth it already.

Good luck!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences

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