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Hi all. You ladies just talk too darn much. I was here the day before yesterday and I'm already behind.

Lily, I want to know where we are meeting so you can stick me in your suitcase? That was the plan, right? 9 day, oh, I would be in seventh heaven.

Slavika, hope you are not too sick with the cold. My husband had it too and gave it to my dad, but so far, I'm coldfree.

Josie, you are doing so good. It took you awhile, but you are going full force now. Good for you.

Silvergal, the kareoke(sp) sounds like fun. My daughters have done it, but I would never have the nerve. Would love to go sit and watch though.

Trudy, I'm glad you set Slavika straight on the borsch(sp). I hate beets, so I'll pass on that one. My daughter loves the stuff.

Karen, 16 day!!! Will you become a full time WW leader?

Linda, I do think you need to start all over with the registering. I'll be looking for Linaka.

I joined WW today. I haven't gone since March and being I can't seem to get moving, I thought I'd give it a try. I've been journaling, and showed it to the leader and she said I need to eat more. She said to up the points for a couple weeks to see what happens. We did the Dear John to Fat at the meeting today. It was fun.

Countrygal, you need to keep the chocolate out of the house if it's that tempting. I used to be a chocoholic, but now I satisfy my sweet tooth with Sugar free pudding.

Doxie, I measure out the chips, ground beef and anything else I'm not sure of.

Schoolgirl, the fire sounds really scary. Less than a mile away. I have some friends in Texas and they are so tired of the heat and lack of rain. I feel for all of you. I would love a machine like yours, but I probably wouldn't know how to use it. I've been doing the WW since Jan. and I tried all the other diets, and nothing worked till I joined WW. Such an easy program and you get to eat so much, if you make wise choices.

Hi to everyone else.

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