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Pam - I can't believe you guys are talking about going to the beach when I have been driving in our first snow/ice storm of the year! We are suppose to get 1-4 inches of snow and since it rained all day, it could be a mess by morning. You will have to share your cherry crunch recipe with us. Anything that remotely resembles cream cheese frosting, has to be good! Any more on your ISS teacher? What are the chances that you would be there at the same time!

Ginny - I actually spent the night Saturday night. My friend Mary's husband is in Iraq so she had a slumber party with just girls allowed. We were up gabbing until 4 am, which is 6-7 hours past my bedtime! It was fun but I ate WAY too much. Everyone brought their own beverage and a snack. I did good on the drinking, only three Cranberry Mikes, but MAN did they have some irrisistable snacks! It was nice just to laugh and relax and forget about reality for awhile.

Robyn - Thanks for the visual of our janitorial staff! I was trying hard not to think about it at all then I read your post and started visualizing some of our janitors, EW! Since I may never actually get to have sex again, I'll have to try your cake. It sounds wonderful! My pumpkin pie recipe is a bit different from yours because it has Bisquick in it. I'll have to dig it out because that one is tried and passed with flying colors. I hadn't noticed the full moon but I have only had half my students due to deer hunting season starting yesterday. That is a downfall when you work in a rural community!

Mouse - I am glad you received some good news at the doctors. Maybe the new brace will help to prevent future injuries. So how is Imp? Do you have any new plants in your house?

I am headed to bed. I have been working with a home bound student. Between that, teaching and helping my own two with homework, I feel like I have done nothing but teach all week. I am sure driving in the icy snow today didn't help anything. Snow doesn't phase me too much but I hate the ice. Especially black ice like tonight.

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