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Default ConsumerLab test weight loss supplements, finds concerns

Consumer Lab regularly tests dietary supplements. They don't test the claims, however, they only test the products to see if the ingredients match the labels. Since dietary supplements are not regulated, we all know that they may not contain what the label says.

You can read the full report if you are a subscriber of Consumer Lab, which is currently $24 a year. I can't copy the full report here, but I can include some snippets that may be important to a lot of us.

Two popular products were tested for their caffeine levels. Testing found 448 mg of caffeine per day in one (Xenadrine®-EFX™), equivalent to the caffeine in 11 cups of coffee — despite its label claim that "the recommended dose of this product contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee". [Although not listed as an ingredient on the product tested, be aware that some lots of Xenedrine EFX also list bitter orange as an ingredient.] The other product (Zantrex™-3) was found to pack a whopping 1,223 mg of caffeine per day — equivalent to 30 cans of cola. Consumers should be aware that weight loss products may contain large amounts of caffeine — with potential side-effects including insomnia, nervousness, tremors, gastric irritation, nausea, headache and increased urination. Doses larger than 250-300 mg per day have been associated with irregular heart rhythm.
Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
One product (Rainbow Light® Food Based Garcinia-Max Diet System) was tested. It provided the labeled amount of HCA but also contained 2.6 micrograms of lead — five times the amount allowed by the State of California in a supplement without a warning label.
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