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Back again!

Pam- that is entirely too strange. Now the big question for you is, do you return to work tomorrow and keep your mouth shut or attest to all of the proceedings? I gather that this was just an arraignment (sp) and not an actual trial. Wow. Can't imagine......but we all know that that kind of junk happens everywhere and anywhere. The closest thing I have to that is several years ago a male member of the janitorial staff was caught with some online porno (using a school computer) and making xerox copies of his private parts (somehow the idiot lay down on the copier nude.....just the thought of it all makes me want to puke). Oh well- he no longer works for the district. Back to your story- you had no inkling of this situation? I do know the way my district works is they try really, really hard to keep stuff quiet and out of the media. So it would not surprise me if this incident was hushed. Glad that Ds's ticket was dropped.

Anyway- survived the afternoon. I am so tired. Part TOM, part cold,part holiday burnout. Guess its not going to get better......actually am toying with the idea of a personal day myself, in a week or so, just to regroup and get stuff done. Gotta redo the stupid seating chart. I can tell I am losing control over the gang, and with the reduced daylight hours that ain't good.
Got another short walk in, but I am no bundle of energy today.
Dm is on the phone. Guess I'd better go. Let you know how WW goes tomorrow.
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