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Hey! Yes I've posted twice in a row. However, the freakiest freakiest and I do mean freakiest thing happened to me today.

Ok, I took a personal day from school oldest son had a ticket had to go to court......Anyway, as I am sitting in there, in walks the SUPERINTEDENT of the school system. He is actually the man who hired me nine years ago.
I was like oh great. Now, mind you I was doing nothing wrong, but where did he choose to sit??????? In the row in front of me. So, I don't think he noticed me as I kind of looked the other way......Anyway, I noticed there was a news crew in the back of the courtroom...............Ok, well then our ISS TEACHER comes in shackled..............In an orange jumpsuit......Charged with 3 felony counts of Indecent liberties with a child, etc.....Statutory rape....Omigod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll be watching the news at 5. I called my best friend at school. We thought he had gotten into trouble, but weren't sure what for. Anyway, it was so strange.......My son's ticket was dropped and we went on our merry way, out the front door of the courthouse and smack dab into the news crew....Ha! Talk about having your business on the street huh? It will be interesting to see what in the world actually happened.

I have an apple spice cake in the oven and I am attempting to make a lower fat lasagna for dinner. I just realized I haven't eaten all day and I am starving..........

Will update later........

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