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Mouse- great news that you did not do anything major to yourself. Hope the PT helps, and the brace too. Some of the new braces are so flexible and easy to wear these days. I have a student who is wearing a knee brace- and it is not at all apparent that she has one on. Guess by now you should get Imp to a vet......I am at a loss for ideas. Gosh, I forgot that you needed a "new" vet with the move! That too is one of those "relationships" that need to be developed - it is important to feel comfortable with your little friends Dr. (my vet is a total nut case....his real name, and I kid you not is Charlie Brown). Anyway good luck with the resigning TA- this is the crummy one right? Can you get that really good one to replace her?

Robyn- okie you noticed the darned full moon too?? Yesterday am the kiddies were really wacky. I have this student who really dislocated her knee 2 weeks ago- and then went on vacation last week. Yesterday was her first day back. So she boards......asks to sit with her best friend.....I refused that one as they are both whack jobs and even worse together...and then find Miss Knee brace climbing over the seat, in the aisle.....jumping around. And me, Mrs Type A personality, freaking out worrying that a full body cast would not protect this kid. Not pretty......then there was the deer that danced in front of my bus on the way home......blew the horn and got it off the road....and it then danced in front of the bus behind me (we were both returning at the end of the day). And there above it in the sky, the big fat full moon. Shall I also add my wacko kitten.......she is in active house trashing mode now..... Aw, I hope today is better for you!!!!! Get the duct tape out for the mouthy one..... And as far as those additional points, well that is what they are there for !!!!! Special stuff, treats- something out of the ordinary, right? Keep it up- your progress is wonderful.

Got up and walked for 25 minutes, 1.5 miles. And, thankfully, TOM arrived. I was so tired of feeling now I am just tired . Hopefully I will be down a bit for tomorrows WI.

Guess I'd better go wake up Ds. Have a great day!
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