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First, let me tell you that last January, you became my inspiration. I would come here to primarily read your posts because I could so closely relate to you. I also quit smoking, lost weight, and have since started smoking again and gained some of the weight back. I have been back on track with the eating for one week now and I know you can do it too. I just bought more patches and plan to quit smoking again either tomorrow or Monday. Chaoticfish, it's all in the mindset and the key is getting there and staying there. I also use food (and cigarettes) for comfort, especially when I am emotionally upset and in "self destruct" mode. But the good feelings you get from being in control are so much more enjoyable than the temporary good feelings you get from eating. There is no guilt or shame to deal with when you stay in control. I have found it helpful to use a spreadsheet I created in Excel to record my weight, calories and exercise every day. I also created a weight graph so I can watch the line go down. Visualization is also very helpful. I try to really visualize how I will feel and look at my desired weight, and then I compare it to how I feel and look now. Every day, I make the choice to take the road to feeling and looking good. What it really comes down to is caring about yourself enough to do the right thing, and because life sometimes throws us a curve ball, that can sometimes be challenging. I think we need to think of things to comfort ourselves that are good for us ahead of time so that when TSHTF, we are prepared and don't get sidetracked.

The most important thing is you care about yourself enough to stop the insanity and come right back here where you belong. And you did that before you got back to where you started from. You are still so far ahead of where you were when you started!
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