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I know all too well what you are talking about- using food to distract yourself from chronic pain. I'm on long acting narcotics for chronic knee pain and it can almost be a trade off- do I take a medication or do I eat something to distract myself? Add in having a GI disorder that makes eating difficult at times, and sometimes it hard not to 'eat to feel better' because we hurt/don't feel good/are depressed/etc. A lot of other distractions people recomend don't work as well because they require our full attention, were food doesn't. Most bosses won't want us to read a book or watch a movie when we need to distract ourselves from the pain, but eating we can do just about any time & any where. Its finding something that is as portable, convinent, & acceptable to replace the food distraction. I don't know what the answer is- it is something I struggle with myself. Maybe having a low cal munchy you can snack on? Something that you save for 'emergency situations'? Making sure you take time to pamper yourself when the pain gets worse might help.

Have you seen a pain management doctor? They may be able to offer a treatment plan that meets your needs for controling pain without too bad of side effects. They have a lot of options, though some are better at being creative then others. I happen to be lucky to have a really good pain management doctor who understands that I want to take as little medications as possible. He has prescribed a couple topical creams that are custom made by a compouding pharmacist that I've found very helpful.

Sometimes just making sure you have an awareness of what is happening & why can make a difference. I found for me that when I took medications that are prescribed as needed, that its easy to start taking them when I probably really didn't need them- sometimes it was pre-emptive; other times I'm not real sure why. I started using my PDA to record when I take any extra med & why I'm taking it. Something really simple- but it makes me accountable and I can see any trends as they develop, which I can address because I'm more aware. Its also nice to have the information for doctors appointments so they can see what is going on and I don't end up relying on my memory.
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