The 100lb club is AWESOME!!!!

  • I don't really have a question or a problem or anything profound to say. I just had to tell everybody here at the 100lb club that you people are absolutely AWESOME!!! I don't know what it is lately, but this place ROCKS!!! You girls are the best!!! You are full of motivation and kindness and humor and understanding and intelligence and I could go on and on. One thread after another of great stuff and ideas and thoughts. And I just want to thank you. You can't imagine how helpful you all are to me in this incredible struggle to lose weight. It is a great comfort to me to know that you are all here. I don't know I kinda wish we could all meet up once a month or once a week at someone's house and just have our little chats in person, but that's not going to happen so I will just have to settle for chatting on line. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for all the help you give me day in and day out.
  • I will totally second that. I am so glad I found 3FC.
    Thanks everyone!
  • I second EVERYTHING that Rockinrobin said!!! I haven't even looked at the other support groups because the 100lb club is so great!! I get everything I need right here, and I couldn't imagine a better group of people!!
  • Rockinrobin, I totally second that! This place is fantastic! I used to think that I could never stick with an online support community, that I absolutely needed something in person.. and while I would love the in-person part, if I ever found anything like it now, I think it would only be an addition, never a replacement, to these forums! I am so glad for everyone here and for the incredible atmosphere that we create - I don't even want to imagine going at it alone. I remember when I first began working out, I would think of 3FC, the positive attitudes, the great things people have said, the success stories, all of it - and I would use that to keep me going at the gym when I absolutely wanted to give in. Now, I try to come here daily and if not post then definitely read, to make sure that I remember what I truly want and what is most important to me. And I appreciate the positive attitude and support here so much, I love this place!!!