Lookie Here!

  • Hey, do you guys like my new avatar???!!!

    It's me! To reflect all the weight I have lost. Sometimes I forget........

  • That's cool and a good way to remind you of your wonderful accomplishment.
  • WOWZERS!!!!! Congrats to Shrinking and Howie!!!! You guys look great! How'd you get that avitar Shrinking?
  • Love it!
  • I went to see if I could do a similar comparison but the highest weight they'll accept for a virtual model is 310 lbs. Oh well. Although I know I used them before when i weighed well over 310.
  • that is cool.
  • Hey, Where did you find that, I think thats fantastic for anyone for those who have lost and for those who want to lose and be inspired. YOu should definitly post the link if there is one.
  • Thanks for your feedback guys!

    The site is www.mvm.com
    It is my virtual model.

    It's true like Nelie says it only goes up to 310 and the largest model I think is at 250ish. From there to 310 they think that we all are/were the exact same size!

    But it is still pretty cool.
  • Wow! You look amazing! What a help it was for me to see your progress today because I'm really struggling not to eat more than I need.
  • Hey... I went to that virtual model site and played around on it. My son says I look much bigger... how lovely, huh?