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Default Pros/Cons ?? Talk to me about weight watchers!

I was just on the WW forum, so I know there is one. I'm asking on this forum because I wanted both the pros/cons of weightwatchers from people who like it and don't like it.

I wanted to hear if anyone's had negative experiences with weight watchers? I know that, as with anything, it's highly personal so what works for one person might not work for another... but I've heard a lot of praise about weight watchers from a few people, and I said I would try it but now I am beginning to feel not only nervous (first-time jitters) but also unsure if I actually do. Has anyone ever calculated how many calories their points value equates to? I don't know, but it seems like the people I know who are on weight watchers don't eat very much... and I don't gorge myself either - I've measured my calorie intake before on different days and it's around 1600-2000, which is healthy... but yeah. It also seems like there's such an emphasis on non-fat/low-fat foods... and yes that's good, it's not good to stuff ourselves with fat but we need SOME fat in our diets (healthy fats), it's essential to healthy growth!

This is so silly, I feel like I'm actually in a bind between still going and backing out . I'm not sure I really need weight watchers, I would like to see a dietitian, but I'm not sure about WW. But how many times have I said, "Oh I can do it myself" before, and I'm tired of watching people seeing me not end up doing it time and time again. I have lost about 20 lbs which really came about through exercising and eating healthy. I just stopped exercising... hmm... I feel so sensitively about this and I feel self-conscious now when I consider backing out, in terms of this person whom I told I would be going.. she's very encouraging of WW. I went to OA (overeaters anon) once and I just felt so very uncomfortable, and of course I know this would be totally different in nature... but I like the idea of doing it on my own too not as a pride/ego issue, but just I guess what I feel comfortable with for myself. I don't know... well I guess that's it for now, pardon the rambling!

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I know people who did WW & loved it but for myself I did not really find it was a fit.

The people (employees?) are all people who have lost weight through WW but I didn't find they were really very knowledgeable about anything outside of what the plan is.

When you go for a little while you will see that they just rotate through the same presentations - kind of boring.

For me it just plain was not enough accountability - I'd do well for 2-3 days after the meeting but then slide for the rest of the week.

Anyway - just my 2 cents - hope you are able to find something that works for you!
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You never need to feel deprived on the WW plan.It is about everything in moderation and making the healthier choices.You can eat a lot of food and still be in your daily points range.
Yes we would all like the idea of doing it on our own.There is no shame in getting support from others.The meetings are great for support as well as ideas.You can try on your own til the cows come home but if it hasn't worked after the millionth time accept help from those who have been there.
I must say you seem to be trying to talk yourself out of even trying to do anything.

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I joined WW many years ago (a different plan I guess) and I liked it at the time. I didn't find it overly restrictive and it seemed like the focus was on health and learning behaviors to live with for life.

I didn't do so well sticking to it, though. Perhaps the place I was at the time, I DID feel constrained and, ironically, didn't like writing everything down. I think it's a great plan for pointing you in a good direction and for many, continues to be a good plan.

It does, however, cost money...

I now calorie count and follow my own plan. I do write down everything I eat (thus the irony) but I like being able to adapt my own plan. I get lots of support here and feel like I have learned enough to make my own choices.

So, there are pros and cons. I think it's a good plan, but not one I want anymore. Learn all you can, and if the pros outweigh the cons -- go for it!

But, if you don't do that, what's your alternate plan??

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This is my 3rd time trying WW. The first time I went to the meetings. The last time I did it on my own. And this time I am doing it on my own. I just use what I purchased in the past. I didn't want to waste my money on the meetings and if you miss a few you have to resign up. I feel essentially WW gives you the structure but the accountability comes from you. Some days I stick to my points and some days I go over by as much as 10 points but that's okay because of the Flex Points. Why did I quit twice? Writing everything down, pre planning, me being lazy. But...WW has been the most successful program for me and that's why I keep returning.
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Beautiful one:
I can recommend WW, it has helped me lose 35 lbs in a relatively short time, and I don't feel hungry or deprived. Each point is approx. 50 calories, and I am on 24 points per day, plus an extra 35 flex points per week. I have never used my flex points, and have a hard time using my daily points, largely because of the food choices that ww helps me to make. It is truly a personal choice, but for me, accountability is hugely important. I need to know that I am on the hook every tues night. The meetings can be kind of lame sometimes, but I have met some awesome people that have the same problem as I do, and we help each other. We swap ideas, recipes, tips, and have a great time. I pay 9.00 per week, but I definitely get that back, and besides, thats a cup of coffee at starbucks and a cookie. I can afford 9.00 to get the support.
Good luck, and God bless.
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For myself, I found that WW was not a very good fit. I too, did not feel accountable...I didn't even care that much when I had to weigh in and I had gained or stayed the same. I guess when I went I wasn't really "ready" if you know what I mean. Now I'm ready, and I'm doing it on my own and it's working well. I don't think it would work better if I used WW. I think honestly if you're not in the mental place to lose weight, WW is not going to be able to put you there...just my personal opinion. Plus, I found the meetings to be a little tedious as well (might just have been the leader I happened to have...I've heard good things about other leaders).

Having said all that, I know people who were very successful using WW, so it's really a matter of what works for you. Good luck!
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I have tried it at two different times in the past, when they used things similar to exchanges, if I remember correctly. It wasn't a good fit for me, or maybe I was the problem, it's hard to say.

I think I failed at it because I always felt like I should be buying the weight watchers products to make it work, and I was always still hungry after eating their frozen dinners, etc.

Again, I think I should emphasize that this was probably more MY failure than a shortcoming of the weight watchers program. If I tried it again, I would be sure that I learned how to cook and stay on plan, and not depend on buying their special products.

If you feel you need the weekly accountability, it's one of the more affordable programs (other than TOPS).

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For me, Weight Watchers has been very successful. I like the meetings (if I have a good leader), the camraderie, and the accountability. I've tried many, many times to do it on my own, but that just doesn't work for me so I always go back to Weight Watchers. However, I agree that you need to be in the right space to lose weight or nothing will work. I've joined Weight Watchers many times, but really I wasn't ready to change my lifestyle. It's true, though, that anything will work as long as you work it.

WW currently offers two programs. I chose the Core program because I like the nutritious foods that are listed, and I don't want to have to count points (although I do journal, which is not required on the Core program). WW encourages eating healthy oils--olives, avocados, and two tsps. of healthy oils per day are included in the Core program. The Flex program encourages people to eat healthy oils, but many people choose to spend their points on other items. Nonfat and lowfat dairy items and meats are emphasized because those foods contain saturated fats unlike the plant-based fats.

However you choose to lose weight, IMHO, coming here is the best way to start!

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I've been doing WW for a while and its working well for me. The advocate a lifestle change, not a diet, there are no miricle foods or plans, its eat less move more.
I have to agree with Sheila53 about the two plans. I used to be on the flex plan most of the time and often I would use points to eat things that weren't that healthy. Once I switched to the core, it is basically a whole food kind of approach, I feel so much healthier and find it much easier to stay on track and feel full.
Either plan gives you the good health guidelines to follow. some people choose to fill up their points with low fat low cal options but most of the literature and leaders suggest healthy food options and balance meals.
I would say try it and even if you don't stick with the meetings n'at, you will at least learn something about eating well.
I don't know if you watch Run's House on MTV but Run's (from Run DMC) wife wanted to get a personal cook and trainer and he told here that there was nothing she would learn from this trainer that they didn't learn at WW and it is true. Some times people need different messangers for the same message. so do what works best for you.
good luck.
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I'm not on Weight Watchers now, but I loved it and it is the most successful program that I ever tried. But if you're just going to go, weigh-in and then leave without attending the meetings then you're going to waste your money. Yes, the meetings can be repetitve - even tedious, but I actually learned something new every week. Granted, it may have been something very small, but it was something new. Be prepared to shop around for the perfect meeting. Switch to another meeting time or meeting location if the leader you have isn't someone you feel will motive and encourage you. I changed 4 times before I found the right fit for me. The only reason I'm not back with WW is because I have a thyroid condition that goes wacko on me and I just got tired of telling them that I am under a doctor's care and he is aware of what is going on. But I know that eventually I'll go back to WW.

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I have been with weight watchers numerous times It helped but for me it was the accountability of the weigh ins each week that I kept going back for. I had a hard time finding meetings (I travel 5 days a week so it was alot of work tracking down a meeting at times).

The biggest negative I had was that it was like they didn't really encourage eating healthy only the amout of points. I know this is their main theme but If you switch to eating the trully healthy food then it was hard to get in the points and they would actually encourage you to eat something unhealthy by putting so much emphasis on the points.

I decided to come back here and do the weekly weigh in on this site. I was here five years ago but was stupid and quit coming. I really feel that with all the people on here that the knowledge is here.

One thing I can say though is that the people who had a friend or relative join weight watchers with them seemed to do good. It can never hurt to try it for a few weeks and see if it works for you.

I for one am sticking with the "Power of the numbers" with the number of people on this site there is always going to be help from someone.

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I am on Weight Watchers currently and I love the points system. I am the type of person that if you tell me I can't have carbs I am going to want them even more. Tell me I can't have high fat food? It's all I think about. On points I really can eat anything I want as long as I hold myself accountable for it. I was craving a Big Mac the other night and on points I can go get one and get it over with - - I just have to adjust my day for it (although it is noteworthy that once I got to McDonald's I felt guilty and ended up eating a grilled chicken sandwich). I make healthy choices because I want to, not because my plan says that I have to - - and for my personality that is what I need.
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You said you just stopped exercising. Why?

Personally, I think if you have been able to lose 20 pounds by exercising and eating healthy, then obviously you are doing something right already. I am generally not in favor of diets that place a lot of external constraints on your eating habits, such as counting calories or points, eliminating entire food groups, etc. Since permanent weight loss requires a lifestyle change, are you willing to deal with that much external structure for the rest of your life? Some people are, some aren't.

Just some food for thought.
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I had tried WW at one time and lost 31 lbs. I liked going to the meetings. We had a very motivational leader. This leader quit coming and the new one just didn't work near as well for me. I got very tired of weighing and measuring everything after a while and stopped going about 5 lbs. short of my goal. I think it has a very good plan and teaches healthy nutrition and I never regret having went. This time, due to my health condition, my Dr. wanted me to do Low Carb and it is what has worked best for me. Everyone is so different and we all have something that we feel is "doable" for life and something that totally isn't. It does look like that your current plan is working for you, with 20 lbs. lost. Congratulations. Try to include the exercise and it will work even better for you.


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