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Question Butter, cheese and water

Instead of just depriving myself completely from butter and cheese, (My former favorites) has anyone found a good healthy substitute?
Also, has anyone ever heard of eating cukes in vinegar to break through a plateau? (I am thinking its really the vinegar)
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Honestly, I would try to moderate the butter and cheese, because there is really nothing that comes close to them if you truly love them.

As far as butter goes, a lot of things (mac&cheese, other 'boxed' meals) you can just not put it in. Everything tastes fine without it.

Cheese, I know there are some things (cream cheese, cottage cheese, shredded mozz/cheddar) that I have no problem with reduced fat (never fat free!) but other things just reduce.

The cucumber/vinegar thing... I'm thinking all it would cause you to do is drastically cut calories to get through the plateau--- not a good idea.

Good luck!
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And dont forget the heavy cream...ha ha. You named 2 of my top 3. Cheese, butter, and heavy cream...who can you cook anything worth while without those three things? I was just telling my dh tonight...i dont think i have ever tasted ANYTHING and said, "it has too much cheese or butter"...ha ha ha.

Well, cheese, i have learned to tolerate low fat or 2%. With cream cheese, the regular whipped has less cals than the for me.

Butter...well, i have learned to again, tolerate low fat margerine. But if it is something where margerine just will not do...well i splurge and have it only in moderation...just a pat here or there.

Sorry, i wish i had better solutions. I will watch this thread closely though to see if anyone else does.
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I don't mean to be a doof, but have you tried Atkins? You can eat the "real stuff" on it But I know for some (me some days!) giving up ze bread/staff of life is hard!
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I can't help you with substitutes for the butter and cheese because I don't use substitutes for anything. But read this thread for the cucumber info:
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For butter I use Promise fat free butter spread. Of course it can't compare to the real thing, but it serves it's purpose. Especially on baked potatoes, toast, pancakes, etc. My DD loves it, but she really doesn't know any better. Same goes with the sugar free syrup we use for pancakes and waffles. If it's something you can live with, then I say substitute. Helps to keep me a little more sane when it comes to this healthy eating stuff.

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I was never a big butter fan but I rarely eat it. Once in a while, I'll add a little (very little) to a piece of bread at a restaurant.

As for cheese, I used to eat lots of cheese. I loved cheese. I switched to 2% cheese and used it sparingly. These days, I don't even buy cheese. I think my tastebuds have just changed.
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I've been on Atkins for 2 years & have eaten butter and cheese from day 1. The key, as with any weight loss plan, is moderation. Contrary to what people may have heard or may believe about Atkins....No, you are NOT allowed to eat unlimited butter & cheese.

All the best to you!!

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I like the I can't believe it's not butter spray. It even will work for my baked potatoes.

Not sure on the cukes and vinegar (isn't that basically pickles? It's been a really long time since I helped in canning but I know you use vinegar to make them.)
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Well, I still eat cheese, I just have to measure it and record how much I eat. I sometimes buy 2%, but never fat-free because I feel like it has too many additives. I still ocassionally use butter, but more frequently use olive oil or smart balance light.

For me, the thing about cheese, butter, and even cream (yum!) is that it is so rich that a little goes a long way. I can't see myself ever giving them up.
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I buy extra sharp cheese-it satifies better than coby. Shave it thin and put it on your tounge. Smash the cheese up on the roof of your mouth and savor the taste. It will be easier to stay within you limits if you eat it slowly.
I put a skim of butter on stuff. You'll be surprised how easy it will be to get used to small amounts and still enjoy what you want. You might find you can even taste the food you used to slather with the toppings. I love the natural taste of things. A slight sprinkle of salt is better than none.
Take your time and taste what's in front of you and you'll find it easier to eat less.
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Spray butter and FF cheese! I eat a lot of Feta too... I thought it would be nasty but I tried it and it's really good for things like Salad.. and a little goes a long way!
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Originally Posted by barbygirl43 View Post
I like the I can't believe it's not butter spray. It even will work for my baked potatoes.
i use this a lot... and Smart Balance spread, and they taste just fine, to me. not really sure about the cheese, since i'm not a big cheese fanatic.
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I definately recommend the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray. No FAT!! I use it on popcorn and my family uses it on veggies. I love it on corn on the cob! I have never tried it on toast or potatoes yet. I limit my intake of it now adays. I probably have it like once a week on Sundays when we have mashed potatoes or the occasional roll or two. I just make sure to measure it and add it to my fitday.

The butter I use now is either Imperial 1/3 low fat wheich taste fine to me or I will get the Icant believe its not butter, actual butter. BUT that does have fat in it unlike the spray. But I have heard it has no trans fats.

For cheese, I still do that maybe twice a week. I switch to mozarella when I can. When I do use it or cheddar I use it much more sparingly. Good luck! Moderation is key!!
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I still have major issues with cheese since I LOVE cheese. I hate the fat-free kind because when it melts, it gets very plastic-like in texture, and tha's not only not tasty, but quite creepy, IMO I do use a lot of reduced-fat cheese, though, and I buy thin-sliced Swiss cheese for sandwiches because it's only 55 calories a slice and still ALL the flavor

As for butter, I tend to not trust the spray butters that claim to be fat-free only because Pam claims the same thing, but it's not. By being in a spray, they can legally measure the nutritional info in one or two "pumps" and put that on the label, and as long as there's less than .5g fat, they can call it 0, and I KNOW I would be using more than just 1-2 pumps of the spray, so I'm sure the fat would add up to just as much as using a healthier spread sparingly.

I do use fat-free Promise, and I definitely think it still has a great buttery taste and only 5 calories and less than .5g fat per tablespoon (and IMO, a tablespoon is a LOT of butter!).
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