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Thumbs down Our Weight Loss Totals

Can you believe how much our group has lossed???? It is absolutely amazing..if this isn't inspiration, what is???

Our "Miss Cheerleader", the symbol of our tipping the scales at a whopping 4,247.9 lbs!!!!.
We all desere a huge WOOHOO!!!!!!

1Fralick: 40 lbs
25Hopeful: 38 lbs
Aberfoyle: 5.5 lbs
Alajane: 92 lbs
Allison: 20 lbs
Amata: 29 lbs
AmyVictory: 38 lbs
Angelmommy: 6 lbs
AngieP: 2 lbs
Barbygirl: 40 lbs
Bclenney: 125 lbs
Bela: 1 lb
Bela67: 24 lbs
Belle: 52 lbs
Brenda: 29 lbs
BonnieAngel: 12 lbs
Bowilford: 55.2
BUG: 29.5 lbs
Canadian: 9 lbs
CanadianChick: 130.2 lbs
Casey: 4 lbs
Catny: 29 lbs
Cherrilynn: 20 lbs
Christine: 63 lbs
Cm: 5.5 lbs
Coal: 3 lbs
Csbuton: 17 lbs
Daniela: 5 lbs
Derby: 225 lbs
deedee: 8 lbs
Dimples: 56.7 lbs
DNR: 33.6 lbs
Dontgiveup: 4.7 lbs
Echo: 17 lbs
Eleni: 48.3 lbs
Elisann: 6.75 lbs
Englishgal: 11 lbs
Fatchick26: 12 lbs
FatinKY: 18 lbs
Fitbabe: 25.2 lbs
Franziska: 4 lbs
Gbo: 34 lbs
Glynne: 37 lbs
Gracenote: 60 lbs
Heather: 13.5 lbs
HellsBelle: 33 lbs
Hinchley: 14 lbs
Icewoman: 12 lbs
IncasMomma: 7.5
ItalianMama: 45 lbs
JacobsMommy: 38 lbs
Jen: 16 lbs
Jennielou: 80 lbs
Jenniffer: 62 lbs
Jillyfish: 42.5 lbs
Jkfla: 29 lbs
JulezJewelz: 10.5
KarenUK: 87.5 lbs
Karenwarren: 76.25 lbs
Katec: 31.5 lb
Kathlean: 31 lbs
Kay: 2.5 lbs
Kaystea: 15 lbs
Kp: 69 lbs
LAF: 13 lbs
Ljk: 18 lbs
Lorelei: 40 lbs
Lori: 1 lb
LucyLost: 35 lbs
Mello: 24 lbs
MercuryGrrl: 12 lbs
Michlee: 6 lbs
Mitziex6: 24 lbs
mnLadySlipper: 21 lbs
Mommyweariest: 20 lbs
Momof4: 5 lbs
Morgan: 55 lbs
Mountainwoman: 5.4 lbs
Mrs. Big Dawg: 18 lbs
Msbutton: 21 lbs
muin: 70 lbs
Nancy62: 21 lbs
Nasus: 60 lbs
Needles: 22 lbs
Neena: 4.5 lbs
NewHappyMe: 21 lbs
Newmom: 3 lbs
Nic251: 40.5 lbs
Nicegal: 52 lbs
Nikolas: 90 lbs
NotAFatChick: 27 lbs
NotGivingUp: 18 lbs
O2bthinner: 45.5 lbs
OneFatMan: 153 lbs
Overseas: 33 lbs
PhatNubianprincess: 11 lbs
Pickle: 70 lbs
Pippy: 15.5
Pmajsmith: 29.2 lbs
Rhonda: 22 lbs
RightStart: 8 lbs
Sakk: 11 lbs
Sam: 10 lbs
Sanbc: 96.6
SarahDelynn:12 lbs
ScooterDeb: 25 lbs
Sebago: 49 lbs
Sharon44: 39.7 lbs
ShellyJ: 32 lbs
sonny: 22 lbs
SpartanMom: 11 lbs
Sparrow: 83.25 lbs
Spinsky: 54 lbs
StrivingViolet: 17 lbs
Sunflower: 12 lbs
SusanF: 19 lbs
SusanTaw: 46 lbs
Svetlana3k: 26 lbs
Synger: 14 lbs
Tanya: 87 lbs
Tarya: 53.5
Teach: 38 lbs
Ter-Bear: 20 lbs
Thintobe: 14 lbs
Titania: 5 lbs
Turkica: 20 lbs
Veggie: 49 lbs
Waterbaby: 12.7 lbs
Webmistress: 12 lbs
Weightogogirl: 15 lbs
Willy: 20 lbs yiayia: 1.7 lbs
Yonnie: 53.2 lbs
Zwielicht_farfalla: 15.2 lbs

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Red face

Well done everyone, we're amazing!!!!!!!!

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Super job everyone. My new total is 75 lbs gone (actually it is a tad bit more but I do weight in increments of 5)

Thanks for the support on this board.
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When I first posted my weight was 338 it is now 318. I didn't get to add mine in as I was bedfast with my back but offically my first week I lost 15 lbs ( I lost five before I offically started my diet)
Sice first posting however I have lost twenty pounds.
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I have been absent... losing and gaining the same five pounds. Finally got my butt back in gear, and I am now down 31.5 pounds....

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Another 1.5 for me this past week!! Let's keep on increasing that total!!

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"Weigh to Go" Everyone! You ALL are an inspiration to me and I hope I can be an inspiration to YOU!

Happy to report that my total so far is now 34 pounds gone! I still have a "weigh" to go...but the scale is moving in the LEFT direction!

I wish you all continued success! We can do it!

(A big THANK YOU to Jenniffer for keeping this going.

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Mine needs to be updated to 63 pounds gone- though the last 20 (actually even more then that) came off the hard way with all the nausea and vomiting from my stomach disorder. Now I have passed the half way point- only 62 more to go to get to 160...let's hope I can be healthier while losing the second half!

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I lost a few more. Update 60.75 lbs gone!
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I've been lurking and not posting - but I have lost another 31 to go with my lovely .5, so you can put me down for 31.5 gone. Thanks!
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I'm not even listed...ssniff ,sniff . I have lost 28 lbs to date
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I lost 2 more lbs this week for a new total of 35 lbs gone!!!!

- Kim
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I am down a few more.72 pounds gone!!
335/263/250{by Christmas}
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down another 4...yipee.... total of 55 gone forever!! take care, Morgan 369/314/160
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Hi everyone and congrats on all of your wonderful losses! To ease my confusion..please send me a Private Message if I have not updated your losses. I get a bit confused with the replies here and on the weekly weightloss threads. I am trying my best to keep up with please if you don't see an update for awhile..please send me a Private Message. Thank you!!!!!
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