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Default Sportswear for Women?? Who knew?? :)

I've posted about this elsewhere, but wanted to put it here too. I had a great great NSV yesterday...

I have been obese my entire adult life, and spend my down time in men's sweats and such. Yesterday, I walked by a clearance rack at a sporting goods store and discovered something previously unbeknownst to me: Manufacturers carry specific lines of SPORTSWEAR designed for WOMEN! Shirts, and shorts and nifty sweatpants that snug whole lot closer than men's stuff. Who knew??

I thought, "what the heck" and decided to try some on. Well, I looked in the mirror, and cried at what I saw.

For the first time ever, I cried NOT because I hated what I saw, but because I looked liked I belonged in those clothes. I might even go so far as to say I looked good in them.

I bought several items on clearance, because I don't want to invest in things I won't like... I mean, I've never had shorts that "wick away" moisture...kind of cool! AND, who knows, I may not be this size for long. I'm feeling really energized about my new bod lately and am really starting to believe I can continue to do this! (Is it insane that I'm only believing I can do it AFTER I lost 100 pounds??)

I think I'm going to try NOT to borrow hubby's sweatpants any more, cause these look SO much better on me. And somehow, I think more "sportswear" is going to end up in my closet!!
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Congrats!!!You are amazing and an inspiration to us all.
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I too have had the dressing room cry session. NSV's are wonderful. congrats!
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I did that the first time I fit into "normal sportswear". And do you know how I found out??? I was going to yoga class, and was in a hurry. I got to the gym and found out I had forgotten my gym clothes. The gym has a sports store upstairs, so I sprinted up, grabbed some yoga pants and a t-shirt off the rack, said a tiny prayer that they would fit, got back down to the gym, and hey presto! Me! Looking normal in gym clothes!

I think it makes a difference to your self esteem to look good in gym stuff, in fact I find it hard to buy normal clothes now, exercise clothes shopping seems so much more fun!
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I actually have two sets of xl nike gym clothes waiting for me. I am not there yet but I can visualize myself in them soon. NSVs like this are awesome. I used to work as a sales clerk in Lane Bryant and it would be so neat to see a shrinking lady come in and have a fitting room scream or cry! (Yeah some of them would just give a big yell when we brought them a smaller size insoemthing.)
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Wyllenn, that is a great NSV, thanks for sharing.

My NSV for today was that I visited my sister that hasn't been thrilled with my weight loss. She said "sis, you look good". This was a huge compliment coming from her. She also looked good and I told her so.
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dolly -- I have certainly had moments like that in stores before, but this felt qualitatively different. I keep saying "It's a whole new world" for me, and it's just TRUE!

kykaree -- What a great way to find out you look good in gym clothes! I can't believe I could do that now too!

Lily -- That's so good about your sister... I'd read on another thread where she wasn't supportive. It means a lot!
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Default Wyllen...

Your post made me smile You're a real inspiration..enjoy your healthy new body!
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