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Default New boyfriend (Yay!) = Scale going up (Boo!)

Hi folks,

I've been with y'all for a while now, but haven't posted very often - especially in the last few months. I love it here, though. Y'all are an amazing bunch!

Anyway, over the last 18 months I've lost nearly 60 pounds by cutting out desserts and sweets altogether, eating more whole foods and exercising my butt off. I'm thrilled with my progress and am almost to my goal. I guess all those good changes got noticed, because I'm also in the first relationship I've had in YEARS with an amazing guy who thinks I'm pretty nifty too.

He's not overweight, is super appreciative of me and very supportive (a total keeper!). The problem is that I'm not used to accomodating anyone else in my schedule, and my weight loss has stopped. In fact, I've gained about 4 or 5 pounds in the last few months.

I'm not about to throw away all my hard work and go back to where I was, but it's tough buying groceries and eating dinner all the time with a boy who has a huge appetite and a speedy metabolism (jerk!)

Does anybody have any advice for me on this front? Exercise is still okay, since he's more than happy to work out with me and we have a lot of fun doing it. I just need some advice about the food!

Thoughts appreciated! I promise to be more active here, too. I think it'll help.

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Wow, I totally understand that one. I had lost a lot of weight before meeting my husband, and after we got together I started putting the pounds back on...eventually had two more children and the pounds were all back and some extras they brought with them. I've also seen it in my Mom, she lost weight many years ago and has kept it off for years and years and she is having a hard time now that her husband is around a lot and likes to eat a lot. It is harder when you have a set way that you are eating and it changes, for good reasons, but changes all the same. You just need to figure out what is going to work, maybe when you guys go out to eat immediately take half and put it in a to go box? Maybe just having more healthy snacks around and asking his support in staying away from the ones that aren't as healthy. I'm sure that the two of you can figure it out!! At least you guys have the exercise part down!! WTG on what you've accomplished already!!
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Well your before and after pictures are great, you were cute before and even cuter after.

Are you eating out a lot? If so, Melody has a good idea about the to go box. Also try to look at the menu ahead of time and plan what some good choices would be. More vegetables, a salad with dressing on the side to take the edge off your hunger first, lean meats, I'm sure you already know the drill. Are you journaling your food? It always help me to resist when I know I've got to be more accountable.

Maybe more meals at home. You can sure control what's in your food easier at home.

You're right about not throwing away all of your hard work. It's great that you've recognized it before it got out of control. You can get rid of that 4 -5 pounds easier than if it had gotten out of control.
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