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One pound at a time...
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Talking Newfiedarling in the 100 Plus Club!

May I be the first to congratulate Newfiedarling (Dee) to have lost a hundred pounds!

Dee, you are a good friend and such a strong inspiration to me! We joined to together last year, and I watched how your ticker would go down each week! WAY TO GO!
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I just noticed this too in another post. Thanks for starting this thread Carol.

Congrats Dee!!

I am so proud of you. I admire you so much. When I first started back in February I just loved reading your posts and watching your progress. Probally because you started at about where I started. You are always very inspiring and I hope that you are able to come around more often.
WTG!!! Keep up the good work
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Eating for two!
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I'm not a bit surprised--every time I see that newer avatar photo, I have to double take because she looks JUST like my itty bitty little college roommate. Pictures don't lie...such AMAZING progress!
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Born Loser
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GREAT JOB! You are awesome. I know you are on cloud nine.
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I'm new and so inspired by you! Thanks to people like you I feel motivated and hopeful. You look fantastic and I would love to chat.
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Mindful Eater
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Dee - CONGRATULATIONS on this magnificent accomplishment! Hope you are doing something to celebrate!
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Shairing her ESH...
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Congrats, Dee!!
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One life, live it well
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You are an inspiration and an example to me!
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Way to go, Dee!! What an awesome accomplishment! You're a true inspiration to newbies and oldbies alike. Congratulations!
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Downsizing Dee!
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Carol - thanks for posting the thread. I was trying to be a little less blatent about it, but the attention sure feels good.

Leec - Thanks for the kind words. I know I haven't been around so much in the last couple of months. With vacations and just being busy with summer stuff I just haven't been as regular. You'll see me around much more often now.

Jill - You're right - pictures don't lie. When I need a reminder of how far I come, my high weight pics always get me revved back up again.

Howie - Cloud nine? Absolutely! Great to see you around, posting regularly again!

Laura - we'll all be right here again in no time to congratulate you on your accomplishments. Welcome again!

Breaking Free - I think it's time to start shopping for those leather pants that I promised myself when I started this journed. Still a few pounds to go yet, but I actually find window shopping pretty rewarding. At least now I'm not standing in the store wishing I could fit into the clothes. Now I know I can, and that's a pretty big reward all in itself.

Jen - Thanks for the wishes - just love seeing your face around.

Nori - Thank you so much - I never did catch you on the points challenges. I'll have to jump onboard for September.

Sheila - If it wasn't for such great people like you I don't know how long I'd have stayed on these boards. You've offered lots of great advice to me over the past year. Thank you!
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Staying Positive!
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Great job Dee
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Beauty, Brawn and Brains!
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Way to go! What an awesome accomplishment. I am so proud of you chica!
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Hey Dee.....
Congrat's on 100 pounds lost...I am sooooooo proud of you!!!!!!! You beat me in our friendly little competition....but that's ok...I still luv ya..LOL. I'll get there scale has been literally stuck most of the summer. Anyways...back to you......WTG....You are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sub-4 marathon runner!
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Well done Dee, I'm so proud of you and you look FAB!!!
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WTG You look fabulous!!! You are also such and inspiration.
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