Reading while exercising

  • In another thread, thistoo mentioned reading while on the elliptical trainer. How do you (or anyone else ) manage to read a book on the elliptical? I can read a magazine because it can lay open on the console. However, a book I'd have to hold open and since I use the "arms" on my elliptical, that's not an option. Tried it and it wasn't pretty plus probably wasn't safe, either!


    Oh, and in Health magazine they state that reading while exercising decreases your intensity and therefore calorie burn but, since reading is the only thing that keeps me going on the trainer, I'll have to sacrifice a bit in the intensity department, I guess .
  • I'm with you, if I tried to read anything I'd be falling off! What I do is listen to books on my MP3 player (a portable tape or CD player would work too). You can buy them from and other places, or check with your local library. Most have books on tape/CD, and many now have books you can download to MP3 players (but not ipods). It's a great way to safely "read" while exercising.
  • I have a hard time even concentrating on the TV while I exercise, but that is probably because the treadmill I have was a hand me down and is super noisey, lol. Books on CD sounds like a good way to go to keep you safe and still have something interesting to pay attention to.
  • Hello, I read on the elliptical and it really helps pass the time. The arc trainer is a little harder. My YMCA has those plastic book holders. It balances very well over the screen and holds the book well. I think they also sell them at places like Wal-mart. I know what you mean, if I tried to balance the book without the holder everything would go flying! Also I sometimes lay my towel over part of the book to get the righy view. Hope that helps and good luck and happy reading!
  • My elliptical has a built-in book holder too, though sometimes I just hold the book. I have a relatively inexpensive Nordic Track elliptical so the arms don't move. The elliptical is for my low-intensity days, though (mostly I swim for exercise), so I don't worry about burning less calories by decreasing the intensity. Even so, I find when I'm reading something I enjoy that I actually work harder than when I'm bored and just thinking about being done.
  • Thanks, everyone! I have seen those plastic book holders online, lovemylabs, but I want to see one in person before I buy one. Glad to know it works well for you - I always like a personal recommendation. As for the books on CD/MP3 player, Pat and Melody, sounds good but I have a backlog of "actual" books I'd like to get through first!!