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Default What keeps you motivated?

Howdy all,

I am just curious to know, what is your proverbial "carrot on the stick" .. what is that keeps you on your program and keeps you focused on your goal?

For me, I guess I could say it isn't really one thing, but a basket of stuff that when mixed all together just comes down to this: being overweight is keeping me from living my best possible life. Socially, professionally, creatively. I know many will say it shouldn't matter, but it does matter. I am curious to hear what others have to say.
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Lots of little things, but as you say the idea finally boils down to this:

I am living a life that reflects what I believe to be true. (Yeah, it's in my sig.)

I firmly believe that the human body is made to get up and move. So I do that, as often as possible. I believe that we are made to slow down and sleep when the sun goes down, and wake up when it comes up. So I guard my sleep. I ardently believe that 90% of the food out there is food the body has no use for, food the body is confused and baffled by. If I don't believe my body can use it, I don't eat it.

This has been a long, long time in coming, and has been a source of much internal angst that I have been unable/unwilling to see. I've been living with a sense of disappointment in myself for a very long time, and I never understood why. Then suddenly, about 2 months ago now, I was talking with some friends of mine about what I believe to be true, and it all just snapped into consciousness. Everything flipped around, as it were. In the 9 months leading up to that point, I had painfully struggled to scrap 23 of the 114 pounds I have to lose off. In the 6 weeks since, I've dropped 13 pounds. And the internal shame is gone.

So, what motivates me? Living according to what I believe. Whereever my body settles, I will know I have a body that reflects that. And that makes me happy and satisified, in the core of me.
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Elaine -- I think you nailed it. This weight loss thang has never worked for me before. I kept wanting to cheat the system. I realize now that I cna't cheat my body. It knows what I put into it.

So when I want to "cheat" I now have to ask myself "Is that what you really want?" Sometimes the answer is yes, and I eat it. Usually the answer is no, or not now. I know that I can't keep fooling myself.

And as you say, weighing nearly 300 pounds held me back. I'm still surprised I did as much as I did... but I am so much more capable now. And that's a HUGE carrot!
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My motivation to keep going day to day would have nothing to do with my motivation to start this. My motivation to start was wanting to be healthy, active, live better...yada yada (we've all said it before). It is still true, but if that were my only thoughts I would have quit this too.
My day to day motivation is seeing my progress pictures, feeling my clothes fit looser, feeling better than I have in years, not being miserable, having energy, and having a clear mind. I experience these things everyday, and it is still new to me. I haven't felt this way in 5 years...It feels good. I never realized how crappy I felt when I was eating all the time - and not just emotionally (guilt from binges and never dealing with emotions) but physically and mentally - I was miserable, constantly exhausted, kind of living in a fog; and now I'm not.
Thats why I get up everyday and do what I need to do.
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I don't even own a wagon.
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I use the same motivation that keeps me watching tv, playing computer games, and reading: I actually enjoy this. I calorie count so that I can ensure that I am eating foods that I enjoy, I keep my calories relatively high, so that I get the opportunity to eat "naughtier" foods (in moderation) and so that I'm rarely hungry (for long). I've been teaching myself how to cook and bake and I love creating new dishes. I don't force myself to exercise in ways that I don't enjoy: of course it helps that I'm enjoying the challenge of the gym right now, but I'm playing racketball and starting a running program, and when something gets boring I'll just switch it out with something new. There are so many forms of exercise, I seriously doubt I'll go through them all.

I used to suffer from boredom a lot of the time and now I almost never do. This is almost a bigger blessing to me than the weight I've lost.
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Staying Positive!
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Hands down.... My children... There is no better motivation for me.
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Default What Motivates Me

A lot of little things. Here's a list:

Working at being healthy for my granddaughter

My wedding ring getting so loose that it's about to fall off

Being able to take my pants off without unzipping them

My baggy underwear

Nice compliments from others

Being able to go up stairs without gasping for air

Making good food choices and following my plan

Walking during my lunch breaks

Going to the size 16 racks instead of the plus size 22W clothing

There are so many things that inspire me. These are just a few.

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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Finding muscles I never saw before.

Getting closer and closer to single digit sizes of clothes - I'm at 10 now...almost there!
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No Excuses/No Whining!
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My motivation is my children...
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Probably my biggest is my children and my husband, but also I want to look and feel good for myself. Now that I am eating better I no longer have the nagging acid reflex, my carpal tunnel is not nearly as severe, I just feel better all the way around. I have more energy for my children and my hubby, I am happier and don't really mope around, many many things motivate me and keep me motivated. I also am really enjoying eating this way and not eating poorly. I am finally a no thank you girl. I like that, someone puts something in front of me that is not good for me and most of the time I say "No thank you". I still can pick and choose to eat bad once in a while but it no longer drives me.

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Babystepping my way down!
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My motivation...hmm. I think for me it started as desparation. I was sick of being fat, sick of getting sick all the time, really sick of how I felt, etc. I [U]had[U] to change. No other option. But now it's different.....complete 180. Now I have energy....I'm happier. I feel better than I have in I don't know how long. I am in control...the food/emotion/whatever does not control me anymore. Plus the fact that recently a co-worker said of my scrubs...."you're swimming in those!" I don't know if I can think of a better compliment! A saggy butt in a pair of jeans that used to be tight is a GREAT motivator!!!
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Like Amanda, my day-to-day motivation is different from the reason I started. I got back on the weight loss path because I was tired of letting my life pass me by. I wanted to be active again like I was in college; sure, I was still heavy then, but I cross country skiied and climbed mountains anyway. Then I let myself get completely out of shape and stopped doing *anything*. I was tired of doing nothing, so I wanted to get back to a place where I could do those things again.

Now that I'm working out regularly, even though I haven't lost much actual weight yet, I *feel* like I could climb a mountain right now (don't worry, I'm not going to try yet!). I feel so much better and that's what keeps me going. In the past exercise has always been a chore that I hated and resented, but now I just really enjoy it. I guess I had an 'Aha' moment while I wasn't looking or something. Whatever the cause, I am doing whatever it takes to keep it going.
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My motivation is that I want to live a fuller, happier life. My weight has held me back from so many things for so long and I don't want to feel like that anymore. Mostly I just want to be happier and more secure and outgoing.
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I AM smiling!!!
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I have a list that I read every day. On it are things I want out of losing weight - it's a very positive list. I also keep a list called "Alternative" which includes NO swimming, No amusement park, No shopping for clothes easily, and steadily getting fatter.

I"m getting married next year and you'd think that would be an inspiration for me but it isn't.
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rethinking myself...
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I'm getting married next year, and I think it's still too far off for me to be motivated by dress shopping, but I know I'm going to be absolutely miserable if I'm still this size when I go.

My starting motivation was my health. I did some high intensity exercise and felt like crap and the people I was with were FINE! I knew at 25, I shouldn't be feeling that way.

I have NEVER been thin. I have worn women's sizes for most of my life. I swear I went straight from fat kid clothes to the largest junior size to the largest misses size to plus size! I remember for a year or so in college I could wear misses size 18, and it was so nice. I want to be there again, and I can do it! I bet I can get down to a misses 14. That is my ultimate goal.

And there's my fiance. I want to look good for him.

This body is the only one I'm going to get. I need to take care of it. I'm only 25, and if I gain more weight, it won't be good. I also figure that someday I will have kids, and I need to be prepared to gain some pregnancy weight and learn how to get it off.

I feel so much better when I'm taking care of myself. I used to eat so much crap (regular soda, fried foods, huge portions of fattening pasta with cream sauce). I still like those things, but I'm limiting them, and I'm starting to find that I don't miss them when I eat less of them.

It is nice to go out walking with my fiance. It is time we can spend together with no distractions. That's a good motivator too!
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