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Default Good Vacation - No gain!

Hi Chicks,

I just got to my sister's after 2 weeks vacation. My sister was in Seoul with me for 10 days (She loves Korean food so my tiny sister and her husband wanted to eat out in Seoul every night). After their visit we spent one week in Vegas. I am happy to report I did not gain any weight! I maintained! I am so happy. I did not worry so much about what I put in my mouth just how much and I walked like crazy to see the sites while my family laid at the pool.

I am also trying to get in an exercise routine here at my sisters for 5 weeks. I am going to check out the loacl gyms monthly membership but I am not going until Wed.

I bought the Body for Life book and am reading it now. It looks pretty good. I am only on chapter 2 though.

I just wanted to check in. Have a great 4th everyone!
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Darlene--That's so great that you didn't gain any weight, but rather just maintained! Going on vacation can be so fun and stressful at the same time, but you did it!!!
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Hooray - that is fabulous!! You give me hope for my upcoming vacation!! I will take your hint!
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congrats on maintaining On vacation and in VEGAS, home of the super buffet table (well, if not home, pretty dang well known for it!)
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That is absolutely awesome!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!! I did ok at Country Fest too....the day we got back I weighed and was up 14 pounds....LOL>>LOL.....So...I gave it a few days and gradually it all came off and I'm back down to my 159.5 I drank what I thought was a lot of water...but apparently it wasn't enough.....I'm assuming all 14 pounds was water retention...yeeek!!!! I've always been one for holding on to water. I'm going to try and drink a lot more water at Rock Fest in a few weeks.

Anyways...back to you....that is so someone said...the buffets in Vegas are did very well!!!! Congrats!!

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Woo hoo congrats! That's great news!
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That's wonderful! Sounds like you're having a good time.
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Good to hear Darlene! I hope you are having wonderful time being home!
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That's excellent, Darlene! I'm really proud of you.
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