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Foreverhopefull 06-30-2006 05:50 AM

I just had to step out for a while...
and I'm not sorry I did.

See, I was feeling like I wasn't going anywhere with my plan, even if I did see a lost. I had this feeling that I just needed to use weight pills...again. Since my last try (with Xenecal), I had descided to never take diet pills again since they are great for a quicky weight lost but they do nothing for long term lost.

What I need is a long term plan. It took me 31 years to gain all this weight, it has to take me at least 1 to lose it, anyway, who heard of a 100+ lost in less than a year ( au natural lost).

So I told myself to get back into speed, exercise at least 4 times a week, keep my hands busy at home (so I don't get bored and eat), drink plenty of water and eat right (meaning good foods, less to no processed foods, better choices when eating out,ect...) and just trust myself enough that I can believe that I can lose the weight.

I haven't been able to exercise much lately, my body is reacting to a medication that I have been taking and that made me very ill. Which means my body is finaly absorbing the meds, so now I'm on the way to recovery. It also means I'm on the way to a healthier me.

shrinkingchica 06-30-2006 12:08 PM

Welcome back!! And try not to lose heart, it does take a while to lose weight.....and one just has to keep reminding oneself of that fact. I would like to wake up at my goal weight tomorrow, just like everyone else would!! But I know that that is obviously not going to happen and that the only way I'm going to get to goal is if I work at it. And slowly (even if very slowly) the weight WILL come off.

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