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Thumbs up New: Here is what I look like now

I am new to the sight. I am trying to loose exactly 100 pounds. I have already lost 100 (I use to be 360 and I am now 260). I am 24 years old and I thought this would be good support for me. I have a lot of loose skin from the weight I have lost and its left me feeling a little like "what's the point." I thought that I would look like other girls my age- or like Oparh or Jared the subway guy- there is nothing saggy or loose on them. But I guess that was not in my bag of gentics. So anyway, I thought joining here and getting some support would help- also I decided to post a pic of what I look like now and I hope to post another each month to try and capture my progress.
Ok- well I guess that's it for now- thanks so much for listening.
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I don't know, I haven't seen Jared naked You couldn't tell by looking at me dressed that I have loose skin on my stomach and thighs.

Great work on your 100 lb loss, keep going!!!
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You know Oprah is one of the wealthest women in the freekin' world! She's had some very expensive assistance! There was also a commercial dissin' Jared for not showing himself shirtless. Save all the $$$ you would have spent on fast food or fattening treats and see a doctor about surgery maybe? Lots and lots of big losers have had it. You keep on truckin' darlin' your accomplishments are amazing!
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Welcome to the forum and WTG on losing 100 pounds!! That is a huge accomplishment!! I look forward to getting to know you better and follow your progress!
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Welcome! Congrats on your remarkable progress! 100 lbs that is awesome!
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Congratulations on your progress so far!!!!!
Don't give up now... even if you don't look like you think you ought to at this weight, certainly you don't want to go back to where you were 100lbs ago! I would make a bet that you feel much better with those pounds gone. I agree with saving up for surgery to remove excess skin.... it is a problem that many of the formerly morbidly obese face. Get to your goal weight, and see what you think. But don't give up now, you have already accomplished so much!
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I'd like to echo Stevi... save up your pennies. I seem to be starting this journey over and over again myself. What type of "diet" plan are you on?
We are happy to have you here!!
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to the forum and congrats on your weight loss so far!
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Wow, 100 pounds -- that's phenomenal!!!

Loose skin is what many of us face when we lose a lot of weight. Personally, I'd rather have the skin and be able to do more! There's a great thread on losse skin in the maintainers forum!

But, what about exercise?? It's not going to get rid of the skin, but the more toned and muscled you are under that, the better! Are you doing any kind of strength or weight training?
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Welcome I know what you mean about the loose skin. I have it and at first I was discouraged by it. I had to get over that discouragement to help me lose more weight. I think as you lose weight, you'll look and feel better. You may have loose skin but I think that is minor compared to the amount of weight loss and the things you'll be able to do.
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Congratulations on the 100 lbs!! That is awesome!!!
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Congrats on 100 pounds gone forever!! That is fantastic. As far as loose skin, you can't get rid of it without surgery of course, but do you weight train?? Building long lean muscle will improve your appearance and when you get the surgery (if you get it), you'll have great muscles to show off. And if you can't have the surgery, I am sure that you feel 100x times better at 260 than 360. So imagine how you'll feel at 160.

Anyway, congrats again. You look and must feel great.
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Congrats on the 100 pound loss - what an accomplishment! I have loose skin too, I just look at it as my battle scars and as constant reminder that I never want to go back to the way I was. Kudos!

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You are doing great and you will figure out what to do with the skin once you get down to goal. Also

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Welcome! You've done a fabulous job so far!

I worry about skin, too. I was in denial forever that I wasn't THAT fat, to need skin-removal surgery. I think I will need it. I like what Trish said, that you can worry about skin later. And I like what Dee said, about it being a reminder!
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