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Default If you over eat...

I'm sure we've all over eaten since we began our weight loss journey...so what do you do? Do you suck it up and try do to better the next day? Do you eat less the next day to make up for it? Do you squeeze in another workout that night to try to burn off some of the calories?
I'm just wondering, because I over ate at dinner tonight, and I have a hard time 'sucking it up'. I feel like I should go work out or something, but I'll look weird if I go pop in a workout DVD at 10:30pm.
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It's just one day, forget it and move on, and learn from it.
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Sometimes If I over eat and I feel bad about it, I go for a walk. And because it's about 90 degrees outside right now where I am.. (8:30 p.m) a after dinner walk would be a good idea. hehe

Anyways. let your food settle and go ahead and take a walk or pop in that DVD to work out. Just don't over do it, because working out so close to bed time isn't always a good idea.
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I journal I try to capture those disappointed, "why do I DO that?" feelings while they're happening. Usually (usually!!) it helps me gain some perspective on myself and the situation, which in turn helps me to let it go and move on without continually beating myself up for it (something I struggle with).

If it was early enough in the day, though, I confess that I would probably cut down on the calories of my remaining meals - but I would also be sure to bulk them up with extra salad, veggies, etc. so that I was still nice and full, just on fewer calories
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I do a little bit of everything- I try to reduce the next couple of meals a little (and like Susan said I substitue with extra veggies to keep the meals full), AND I increase the exercise a bit (maybe an extra 10 min at the machines, or an extra walk) AND I let the rest of it "go". By "the rest of it" I mean the guilt, the recrimination, the dissapointment. I don't let that stuff touch me. The way I am living now is so much healthier than at any time of my life I will not accept any criticism for small lapses- even from myself.

The things I believe:

Cal in < Cal out = weight loss
All foods can fit into a healthy diet, some just need to be in smaller portions.
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Default Just Move On

If I over eat, I try to just forget about it - it's life, it happens and it will continue to happen. If you are going to change your lifestyle, there are going to be bumps in the road and things are never perfect, so try to tell yourself that. Just get back on the bike and keep riding, so to speak. I sometimes will go do a workout tape or something to make myself feel better about it and then I get back on my plan with the very next meal.

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I let it go and get right back on my eating and exercise plan. I don't really tie my exercise into what I'm eating. In general, I up the exercise according to how I feel my body is responding (if it's not challenging me enough).

For me, if I overeat then reduced my calories for further meals, I start to feel deprived and hungrier, so I just go on to the next meal or snack on plan. It's a good idea for me to spend a little time thinking why I did overdo it, maybe think of ways I can avoid doing that again.

it may change in the future, this is what I'm doing now.
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I don't think there is a right or wrong way to handle over doing it as long as, at a minimum, you get right back on track at your next meal. If I feel like throwing in an extra workout, then I do so - but I don't let guilt make that decision for me. If I overeat at lunch I don't automatically try and cut back at dinner. If I'm not especially hungry when dinner rolls around I don't eat as much, but if I am I eat whatever portion I had previously planned despite any lunchtime slip up. I just take things one meal at a time. Like dragonwoman, I try and put some thought into why I chose to eat more than planned and remedy that situation for the future. But, you know, sometimes it just boils down wanting more than I really need and deciding that it is worth the indulgence. In that case, I try to accept and own my decision and move on.

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