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I don't even own a wagon.
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Smile What a difference 6 months makes

Today is the 6 month anniversary of my new lifestyle, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the changes that have taken place.

Before: I spent almost all of my life lying down or sitting down. I was either sleeping, working (mostly desk job), sitting at my computer, or watching t.v. A very large portion of my food came from fast food restaurants, and all of my food was in outrageous portions (Hmm, I'll have the number 3 Large Size, and a chicken sandwitch.) What food I did buy for home was 90% "quick cook", microwaveable, and pre-prepared. Oh, and I weighed 363 pounds.

Now: I still sleep, of course, and I have that sedentary job- but now when I get off I can hardly wait to get to the gym. I spend about 1 1/2 hours there 4 days a week, and I love pushing myself to reach new personal bests on the machines and at the weights. My SO and I play racquet sports for at least an hour 2 times a week (mostly racquetball). We love it. At first we pretty much played like we were a double's tennis team- with the idea mainly being to keep rallies going cooperatively, each of us covering 1/2 of the court. Just this week we started playing where we take turns hitting the ball no matter where it is in the court, and I'm pleased as punch to report that we aren't that bad at it! We take little walks more days than not, and now I think nothing of walking as much as a mile just to get to a destination. I cook most of our meals, from scratch and with always keeping portion and balance in mind. We eat plenty, from 1800 to 2200 cals a day. I find that I just don't have very much "computer and tv" time as I used to. Oh, and I weigh 293 pounds.

That's right, 70 pounds down in 6 months. I'm floored! My whole philosophy on this has been "enter maintenance now and let what happens happen", but I never expected changes to happen this quickly.

So, what's next? Couch to 5k!
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Awesome! Congratulations!
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This is the Last Time!!!
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70 pounds in 6 months, Holy Mackerel! Way to go, girl! Have you posted pics? I would love to see some!
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I am really inspired by all your posts, you have really taken to this new lifestyle, and your a real role model for us all.

Well done on a great job so far, and all the best for your journey into running - it's truly addictive!!
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Made in England!
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Great post! You've got a really good attitude, Jen, and that's reflected in your success. Well done!
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No description available.
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Just want to echo your great attitude and approach to all this -- seems like something you may be able to do for life! And I've really been enjoying your posts since you joined!!!
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That is terrific! It is amazing what one can accomplish is just 6 months!
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I can do anything!
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Awesome!!! What an inspiration! Keep up the GREAT work!
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WTG.........that's awesome!! It's amazing to look back at the way things were....we ate out soooo much...I would stop for a fast food breakfast almost every morning after work....and like you...I wouldn't just get one meal...I'd get a number two and an extra sandwich..yeek.

Anyways...congrats on the lifestyle changes and the awsome weight loss!

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for me, for them
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Congratulations! What a difference, indeed!
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I don't even own a wagon.
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Thanks for you kind words, everyone!

Hmm, I don't have any digital photos of myself (I've never really liked being photographed- I always tell people I'm wanted in 6 states and can't have it taken ). I can tell you that I was almost too big to wear my size 32 work pants, even with the elastic panels on the sides, and I can now get on a pair of 26 jeans and zip and button them, but I'm not quite ready to sit while wearing them. Shirtwise: I started very tight in a size 4x men's, and am now very tight in a size 2x.

Mainly, though, I am happy with the health changes. I was getting some very serious knee issues (pain and stiffness in the left knee, extreme popping in the right) before I started and both have been problem free for a while now. My resting heart rate was down to 70 bpm on last check, and I can do that thing called "running" albeit for just 7 or 8 feet at a time.

And, as a bonus I've become a fair cook and home baker, which is earning me major bonus points from my SO.
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WOW...... 70 lbs in 6 months is soooooooo awesome , that is truly wonderful. Keep up the good work and get those pictures posted
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fighting the sugar demon!
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Happy Dancing for you! That is awesome! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
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Congratulations! 70 pounds is quite an acomplishment!!!
I've very proud of you! Keep up the good work!
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