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Default What's your lowest weight...

I've been overweight since childhood. My lowest weight since I was 18 was probably 250-260. I'm 28 now. That amazes me... I've never been close to being thin. I don't know what's worse, being thin and then gaining a lot of weight, or never having been thin at all. Or maybe they're both equally bad... Hehe.

So what's your lowest weight as an adult? I'm curious.
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I've been fat since I was a kid; I'm only 18 now. So 240lbs, I guess. :P
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The lowest I've ever been was 110-115. That was when I started high school. By the end of my senior year I was probably 130 or so. I got back down to 115-120 before I left for college. I graduated college at about 165 and had reached 190 by the time I was 25. I went to Jenny Craig and got back down to 150. From there my weight steadily increased until I hit my all time high of 214. I may have gained and lost the same 10 pounds 3 or four times during that time frame. I don't recall a time that I ever just maintained my weight. I've been either losing weight or gaining it for as long as I can remember. By the way, at 115 I thought I was fat. If I had only known then what I know now!
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My lowest adult weight was 205 right after having my daughter. It was the weirdest thing because I lost so much weight after having her. Of course I didn't appreciate it at the time and now I WISH I could be 205 again.
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My lowest adult weight was 125-19 yrs old, now i'm 205, my highest was 217
That is a good question about what is harder to always have been fat, or to have been skinny at one time. My husband has always been fat.
Me, i look back at pictures and it kills me, breaks my heart, the saddest part is that even at 125lbs...and height 5'5-i still thought i was fat.
So i never got to even enjoy it. Now i look back, and think D*MN-you looked gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Red face Sigh

I've had a weight problem since birth. So as an adult, I guess my lowest weight was 229 (and I managed that one through Weight Watchers). Ouch, that hurts. I quit because I was too cheap to keep paying and not stay for the meetings. Wow, I saved money, great job Mary! Where did THAT get you?
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I weighed 166 for about an hour in 2001 . I still felt "fat" then. What an idiot I was! Is it just that the brain takes longer to adjust to reality? Or is fat a state of mind? Hmmm....
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My lowest adult weight was 130 lbs. I'd been overweight my entire adolescent life (up to 200 lbs.), and shed the extra poundage over the course of 2 years. My record low was at my wedding, and I'd venture to say I was almost too thin - my brother who I hadn't seen in years commented at the reception that I needed to eat!

In the 2 years since I've been married, I've put on a little over 10 lbs. Actually, I'd put on 20, but I've lost 10 since the holidays. I'm very comfortable at 140, but I have to maintain vigilance to not pack it back on.
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I think like so many people, I felt fatter than I really was when I was younger (*waves to CLCSC145*). I know when I graduated HS I weighed 165 and felt like a huge whale. Lost 15 pounds that summer and started college at 150 -- in my head still "fat" but better. By the time I graduated from college I was at my current weight, about 220. I know in the next few years I got back down to around 200 briefly, then back to 220 or so...

Then I ballooned to 250ish in grad school and worked my way back AGAIN to this 220 or so weight before gaining 75 pounds in less than 7 years to get to nearly 300...

So, what was the question again?

I guess my answer is 150 (at age 18), but not for long. Nearly all of my adulthood I've been above 200 pounds.
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My lowest adult weight was around 120 at age 18. Like several others have said, I thought I was fat then. I remember thinking I was fat even in grade school ~ I'm not sure how I got that idea. I guess because I am short ~ to me I looked puffy. I put on weight in college, got back down before I got married, had a baby and it has steadly crept up over the years. It had been in the 190-200 range for several years. I did good about 5 years ago, and got back down to 180ish, but messed up and gained it all back. The highest I got was 240. A couple summers ago, I got back down to 203 ~ darn ~ I was so close to onderland and blew it again.

I don't know what is wrong with me to keep blowing it and not making it to goal. And I don't know what is wrong with me that even when I lose weight ~ when I look in the mirror, I don't look any smaller ~ I still see the same huge fat me.
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I spent two summers at Weight Watchers camp at around 13 or 14 years old, and I think I ended at about 150 pounds the second time (started both summers around 170/175 I think). I couldn't keep it off after then and slowly added weight over the years.
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I was 260 shortly around the age of 19 and I'm turning 31 next month. I was 300 when I was 14, went down to 260 when I was 16 after a heavily restricted diet and exercising 2 hours per day. I went up to 300 lbs again by the time I was 18 then I stopped eating for a few months around the age of 19 and went down to 260, then went back to 300 shortly after.
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I've always been a "big" girl. Shopped in the Pretty Plus section at Sears as a child. My teenage average and up until age 25 or so was 200 (180-220) pounds. Then I gained up to 284. Got down to 172 for my wedding day 7 years ago, and had been gaining ever since until recently.
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The lowest recorded weight I can remember is 208 lbs as a high school senior. I have steadily gained over the last 20 some years to 340 (my highest).
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What I weigh now. I was never thin growing up, and I don't have actual weights because I didn't weigh myself, but I know that the smallest clothes size I wore after I hit about 14 was two bigger than the clothes I wear now, so I think I'm fairly safe in saying I was heavier than I am now.
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