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Default Welcome to 100lb. Club

For all you newcomers, to try and help to navigate, with all the different types of threads.

We are an active community, and I know sometimes it's hard to find what you need... but every person's voice is necessary in our mutual struggles. You have a lot to give us... and we to give you.

That being said, maybe I can help orient you a little. Generally, there are a few types of posts in this forum -- Stickied posts, challenge posts, tracking posts, and general posts.

Stickied posts

These hang out at the top of the 100 lb club forum. These are threads that we don't want to get lost. They include...
  • The 100 lbs club profiles (This is where we get to learn about you and can learn about us!)
  • Progress Pics (This is where you get to see those awesome before and after shots!)
  • ONEderland All stars and 100 lb losers club (this is a special thread where we honor those who frequent the 100 lb club with and who have reach Onderland or have lost over 100 lbs)
  • Birthday thread (Just so we can wish you a Happy Birthday on your special day!)

Challenge posts

Challenge posts usually come in two sections -- the sign-up post, and the tracking post. Long-term challenge sign-ups, like the 2006 in 2006 one, are usually in one of the "stickied" threads at the top of the forum. That's where you sign up for the challenge. The tracking thread will be among the regular threads, with a weekly name (like "2006 in 2006 Weigh In #6").

There's usually a monthly challenge thread, too, where you gain points each day for sticking with your plan. You outline in one post what your plan is (because that stays the same month by month) and you track in a second one how many points you have for the month. Usually the planning post is linked from the first post of the thread. The tracking thread is a normal thread, named by the month, for instance "FEBRUARY Points Challenge".

Tracking Posts

Other tracking posts have a distinctive name that's pretty much the same each week. For instance, there's a Weekly Weigh-in thread each week, where you can post your progress on the scale and help support each other through gains and losses.

There's a monthly NSV thread (non-scale victories) where you can post successes that aren't related to a number of pounds -- like going Rollerblading for the first time, or being able to wear your wedding ring again, or going up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, or wearing a smaller size clothing -- whatever your non-scale victory is.

The Weekly Journal Buddy thread is a place for those who want to be accountable for their food can log what they eat each day. It's a great place to be accountable to one another, and it can give you some GREAT ideas when you're getting tired of the same old food.

There's also a monthly "Yada yada yada" thread, where we can post to catch one another up on our non-dieting lives -- what's going on with work, family, etc.

General posts

Then, of course, there are the actual "normal" threads. These make up the bulk of the site, really, and even if you don't post on any of the challenges or tracking posts, you are more than welcome to read and respond and post in these. This is where folks vent and cheer and post links to nutrition articles and ask questions and congratulate one another... just about anything you could think of.

Some people are active in all the challenges and tracking posts, because it helps them keep on program. Others do a little of that, but primarily are interested in the normal support-type posts. Others don't participate in any of the challenges, or weigh-ins, but chime in on some of the other posts.

There's a LOT going on here. It's a very active community. And you're right -- it's not always intuitive to a newcomer. But there's a lot of gold to be mined, if you have the interest. I hope you continue to visit us, and participate as you feel inclined.

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How do you get the neat pictures and the little guy running off the weight? I started at 246.5 on December 28th 2006 and I have lost 10lbs so far. I want to get to 140 by May of 2008. Thanks for your help!
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Kim -

That's called a ticker...If you would like to add a ticker to your signature, here's how to do it. Go to User CP in the purple tool bar above. On the left side choose Edit Signature. At the top of that page is where you follow the directions to make a ticker. It will walk you through the process. When you're finished making it, the code will appear. There are actually several codes visible, choose the one that says for use on 3FCs. Highlight it and then hit CTRL and the C key. Then go back to the original Edit Signature page. You can do this by hitting the BACK button several times. Then on that page, scroll down and you'll see a text box. Click your cursor into that box and then hit CTRL and the V key. The code that you copied should now be there. You can add a name or message in that box too if you want and that will become your "signature". When you're finished you'll need to scroll down just a bit further and hit Save Signature. Then you should be good to go.
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