new food find, very interesting...

  • Has anyone seen, or even better, tried this stuff? Please share any experiences or thoughts you may have on it, as I am completely intrigued and would love some feedback. Thanks!!

  • I'm going to try to hunt some of those down at the local grocery store. I'm wondering if Henry's here in Cali might carry them. I won't pay 10 dollars for shipping or anything but would gladly spend some extra dollars just to be able add a new food to my life that appears to be quite on the healthy side.

    It appears that they don't even have enough carbs to hardly even matter. Looks wonderful. And, if I could get my kids to eat it also I'd be very pleased. Those just look so much healthier than the pasta noodle alternative.

    I'll look today, and if I find them, I'll let you know what I think of them.
  • Hmmm, I'm going to look for those and give them a try. I'll look at my Safeway! THANKS!
  • Ok, No luck at Vons or Ralphs. I did not make it to Henry's yet. I'm holding out the most hope that if I find it it will be there.
  • I will have to look for these at the local E-Mart. I wonder if they have them. They look like they might be Japanese. Sometimes we have that kind of stuff sometimes not. I live near little Tokyo so they might have it in that neighborhood.

    By the way I absolultely love tofu. My boyfriend and I go to the tofu house at least once every two weeks. Koreans eat it ten or more different ways. I love the tofu stew (Soon-do-bu Jee-gay) they make with pepper paste, clams, veggies and shrimp. It is thick and very satisfying. It comes with rice and a six or seven side dishes of veggies. Awesome!
  • I've bought Tofu before, but I don't have a clue what to do with it. Even after research I am lost. I hear so many people say they love it, and I want to experiment but don't know how.