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Default Do my eyes deceive me?

Does anyone else feel that the more weight that they lose, the "fatter" other people look to them? In my eyes, I only look slightly less obese than 89 lbs ago. And I have noticed that my mother, whom I always though of as normal weight has started to look "fat" in my eyes (for the record, her BMI is about 26.5 I am guessing). The more weight I lose, the heavier everyone appears to me (including myself!). Has anyone else experienced this?
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I don't really think of others as fat but I think "if they only knew how much better you feel without so much weight" (and medicines in my case) and I know when the rest of the weight is gone I will feel like running a marathon! Loosing weight makes you want to get everyone to start loosing.
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I notice that too! Like people I never thought would be heavy before, now look really heavy. I guess I always said before, "They are overweight, but not as overweight as I am." And now I can't do that as often. And I still feel as heavy as I was 100 lbs ago. When I look at myself in pictures, I think I'm the hugest thing. I always compare myself to other people too. I always say, "I wonder if I look as heavy as she does?" I doubt I will ever feel thin. I think I will always feel 307 lbs on the inside, no matter what weight I get to.
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I don't notice it as fat really. Overall I tend to like people with some extra body fat. It may not be anorexic standard presented by the media but I feel it is more attractive and just plan comfortable to be around. When I see very obese people my heart is filled with compassion. I know how hard life can be as a fat person and how we are treated. My feeling is usually something like "That poor person they must be in a lot of pain". I have had a problem with emotional eating for years and I doubt that that is an uncommon situation for many obese people. Needed to eat for comfort says a lot about where people are. To feel the compulsion to comfort your self with food and then be a social pariah because of it is a very painful place to be. Many times you treated as invisible or when they do say something it is usually some form of criticism. Either way you know for a fact you do not belong or just plain basically unworthy in the eyes of others. When I see people like that I go out of my way to be kind and treat them with the respect all human beings should be given
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Absolutely. As I adjust to where I fit into the general scheme of things, fatness-wise, I realise that people who I've always thought of as skinny actually aren't, it's just that I counted everything significantly lighter than me as skinny.

I started thinking that I saw obese people everywhere a few months ago, then I realised they'd always been there, but I refused to think of them as obese because that would mean admitting that I was obese too because I was a similar size. And that's something I definitely didn't want to do!

I also think that it's partly because I'm more aware of it now too, before I didn't actually consider weight to be important, either mine or anyone elses. But now because I've spent so long thinking about it and actually doing something about it, I notice it more than I would have done.
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I definitely find that people I used to think of as very skinny, aren't really so much from my new perspective
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