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Default I need to get back on track....

Hey everyone,
I hope all is well!!! Anyways....gosh..I am so disappointed in myself....I have been doing horrible as far as my weight loss plan goes. Ever since I had my graceful passing out episode...I've been eating like a pig!!! I don't know what my deal is??? I just haven't felt good since this all happened and I guess I'm resorting back to comfort food...uggggghhhhhh. I'm going to try and get back on plan tomorrow but I may need some support. I've come way to far to let things resort back...u know? I am going to make an appt. with my regular doc this week and just have him check me out. I have had a pretty severe headache since Wed. when this happened. I'm also have side pain and weird irregular bleeding (sorry for the tmi). I'm also just tired and drained and get dizzy if I stand too long.

No..I'm not At least I don't think so. My initial pg. test the other night was negative. I'm just in kind of a funk right now. I also have endometriosis so I save all my vacation/pto days for my period. Now i've had to miss some because of this fainting thing....I'm down to just a few days. Now I'm bummed cause' I'm still not feeling well and can't afford to miss any more I've been going in not feeling well. It's just frustrating and I know that's why my eating is out of control. I need to get it back under control though or I'll have even more gaining back the 70 pounds I've worked so hard to get rid of.

Anyways....I just needed to vent....I'm sorry to be such a pain. Anywho..I hope everyone is going strong on their plans and I hope to join you tomorrow.
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Get your iron levels checked! mine were really high at one time and I felt a lot like that! I had to get vampired regularly for a year and now I feel fine! High iron can have similar symptoms to low iron, but it's really dangerous- fatal in fact!
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Hey RoundRN, sorry you're having such a rough time right now. I hope things go well at the doc. I think you will feel better if you stick to your plan, but don't beat yourself up if you fall into a bit of emotional eating, it happens sometimes. Sending good vibes your way
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Please don't beat yourself up, these things happen. Do take a minute though and think about your recent off plan eating. Has it made you feel better? Has it solved your problems? From your post I am guessing that the answers are "no" and "actually, it has added to them." So, take a step back, breath, put things in perspective and do what you know is going to make you feel BETTER - get back on plan!

I know, easier said than done. But, you CAN do it! Good luck to you.
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You are ill. Your body is out of whack. Of course you need comfort right now. Don't feel bad for what you are going through and how you are getting comfort...just remember moderation. And also make sure during this time you do other things that comfort you wether it is reading, sewing, etc. Your body while ill does need to rest and recover so use this time as that and when you do get back on track which I'm sure will be shortly you'll be stronger and losing better than before. Your mind is letting you know you need to rest and pamper yourself with massages, pedicures, manicures...whatever but no processed junk food!!
You're are not going to fall off track because you want to get back on so badly and you will. Don't worry and stress yourself further.

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(((Hugs))) Today is the start of a new week, jump right back on your plan!!! i went on an emotional binge this past week too, but thats over and done with, time to kick it into gear and move on.Good luck!!!
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