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Default What are you going to do when you lose it?

Thought this would a good motivator. What are you going to do when you lose the weight? Not if you lose it, but when?

I am going to take my kids swimming. And I'll be swimming too!

I am going to bike, often.

I am going to take classes in nutrition and physical fitness so I can help others lose a little of themselves, too.

I am going to take that ballroom dancing class with my husband that we've always wanted to take.

I am going to take professional riding (horse) lessons.

I am going to wear those great clothes I wore two years ago, including my VS nightgown hubby bought me.

I am going to be in every picture taken near me! Watch out tourists!

Tag, your turn!
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I'm going to buy that Oh so cute low cut sexy,backless shirt and wear it with my jeans to the hottest club in bricktown. I'm gonna flirt like a sailor on leave.

I like your picture idea, i'll second that notion.

I'm gonna feel good about my self everyday, and thank god i'm alive and health again.
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I am not going to be scared or worried about going to the doctor.
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I'm going to run. Well, I already do run, but I'm going to run more.

photos, definitely.

I'm going to have fun, doing things like white water rafting and abseiling.
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What am I going to do when I lose it? Keep it off!!
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Originally Posted by Jillegal
What am I going to do when I lose it? Keep it off!!
Yeah baby!! You go Jilly!

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Very Good Thread!!

I am going to run down the street screamin LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT a bathing suit!! (heehee)

I am going to finally have a family picture done with my skinny sisters & Mom.

I am going to wear lingere again.

I am going to walk around my house in a towel after I shower instead of getting dressed in the bathroom.

I am going to wear skirts again.

I am going to go to the beach and be happy about it.

I am going to hold my head up when I see my Dr.
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Yee Haw!
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Buy new clothes that doesnt end in an X.

Definately be in more pictures.

Wear a 2 piece bathing suit to the pool.
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Sick of Fat
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Go out and buy cute clothes that I used to wear!!

I will buy a sexy lingerie outfit to wear for my husband

I will strut my stuff because I've done what I thought I couldn't!!

I will be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest!
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Oh, KEEP IT OFF! Good one, Jillegal!
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I will...

Dance around in my house in the sexiest bikini
Take a million pictures
Wear the cutest clothes to the hottest clubs
Travel every chance I get
Enjoy my life more
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I like this thread

I'm going to hit the beach as often as possible and actually get into the water with my kids.

I'm going to enjoy shopping for clothes!

I'm going to go on roller coasters with my oldest when he asks.

Hiking will be enjoyable when we go camping,as will canoeing and skiing.

I will truely enjoy putting my actual weight on my drivers license
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for me, for them
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I will take tons of pictures (oh wait...I already do that )
I will wear an adorable bathing suit to the beach w/o a coverup (won't be a bikini, I've been blessed with a tummy stretch marks)
I will have children and be an active mommy
I will go shopping every chance I get.
Oh, and I WILL keep it off
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What a great post!

Im going to take my kids to the fair and ride with them without fear of not fitting it the sits, having to suck it in to get the safety bar down or collapsing the whole ride.

Im going to wear fun clothes.

I cant wait to find out what its like to swim in a bathing suit instead of a bulky shirt and shorts.

Im going to go to family affairs and not be the fattest woman in the room.

I cant wait till these dreams are a reality!!!!!!!!!

I could go on and on but there are a few.
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I've loved reading this thread, but I can't think of anything that I will do when I reach goal that I can't do now. I wear a swimsuit (can't see myself in a bikini due to a 15 inch scar across the stomach), I wear nice lingerie (only a recent purchase mind you, to celebrate being a normal bra size), I've signed up for a 10k run (mind you I am hoping to be lighter then but if not, it doesn't matter I'll still do it) I've always gone out and danced, I've always been addicted to shopping for clothes.......

I don't feel like being fat has ever stopped me from doing anything....... except being sure that I will have a long and healthy life, I know being slimmer is no guarantee, but I am sure it will help.
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